The different video types you should be using to promote your brand in a video marketing strategy

Different Types Of Videos To Promote Your Brand.

Video marketing is a “sine qua non” in 21st-century digital marketing. No brand, big or small, can get by without video marketing. So what makes video marketing a must? Is it worth the hype? 

Videos appeal to viewers differently as compared to a page of a product description. In essence, videos are entertaining. As business owners, you ought to use this tool to its full potential. It’s a booster in expanding your reach, leading to huge dividends.

Video content marketing is the tool we need to use to sell. The videos need not always be about our products. It could be an introductory video about the brand. Give your customers a chance to understand the company.

There are different styles of videos for marketing. Supposing a gentleman buys a car to travel from Point A to Point Z, but he doesn’t know how to drive! He better involve a third-party to get him to his destination. What a waste of resources, right? We now understand that making video content requires more than just a product and a boss. Video marketing should be your priority.

Look out for these keywords before you make any video.

Envisioning. Planning. Budgeting. Mobilizing. Finally, Delivering. 

You need to keep an open mind and a clear idea of what you want to tell through the videos. Video marketing informs and also helps customers make decisions. Here are the top 10 types of videos for brand promotion.

Live-action videos.

It is one of the best ways to tick the viewers’ emotions. Videos like this help create empathy with the audience. Customer reviews or testimonial videos will come here. That human touch from your clientele’s personal experiences will enhance the brand’s credibility and send more straightforward messages to your potential customers. 

Tutorial videos. 

Tutorials differ from explainers. In tutorials, we focus on showing off the product features and how they work. It’s a smart way to teach your audience. Viewers will get a clear-cut idea of how your product works differently from others’. Watching actual people use a product will help change shoppers into buyers. 

Event videos.

Lately, event promotion videos are gaining massive popularity on social media. It is the job of a videographer. But using our smartphones, we can post snippets about our events! You don’t need an elephant for trifles. Better smart than sorry. Try live-streaming event videos. It will make your customers be a part of the event. Be it a celebration or interviews, live-promotion videos can connect with viewers on a personal level. This way, you can directly contact and make first-hand interaction with our clientele!

Animation videos.

Animation videos are very relevant today. It is the new buzzword in business circles. With animation videos, one can bring any concept to life. It can transform something from simple to sensational. You can also save time and money. They provide an edge over other traditional marketing companies. Explainer and demo videos mostly use animation with professional voice-over and music. It’s time to get creative.

Corporate videos.

Videos of this kind can introduce the brand by embedding it on the company’s landing page. Such videos include details like the team behind the brand and the company’s mission. It is useful for highlighting the core policies, awards, and achievements of the company. You can also reach out to the customers more quickly. A lot rests on this type of video as it can lure potential customers into buying your products. 

Review videos. 

You may have tons of customers rave about your products, but the occasional conversation with experts won’t hurt. Capturing such interviews with specialists or influencers is a great way to earn customers’ confidence in your brand. Not only do you get your point across to the audience but also boost the experts’ popularity. Such in-depth discussions are a win-win for both parties.

Screencast videos.

A screencast video is also known as screen capture. It is typically a screen recording, often with voice-over narration. When tutorials aren’t practical enough to communicate with the clients, you can use Screencast videos. You can show a real demo of how to navigate specific applications or products. 

For many, this might seem a tad monotonous. So there is another thing called Live-action Screencast videos. It is a mix-match of live-action and screen record videos. Meaning, we can switch back and forth between live-action and our computer screens. All the while keeping the viewers engaged.

Teaser videos. 

Teaser videos or mini commercial videos are promotional videos. The goal is to grasp the attention of the viewers and stay in their memory. You can use teaser videos for making new product announcements and discount alerts. Promotional videos or ads significantly affect your sales.

Appreciation Videos.

As business owners, you are also customers of countless other products. Doesn’t it feel good to receive personalized messages from brands you love? It makes us feel special. Sounds relatable, right? Share the happiness. Making personalized thank you videos for your audience is a thoughtful gesture. It helps retain customers. Appreciation videos make them feel like they are a part of your journey.

User-generated videos. 

This kind of video includes unboxing videos, vlogs, product reviews, etc., which are created and shared by customers. Here, users talk about their experiences, make demos, and share their opinions. Their content proves extremely valuable for shoppers. Customers are crazy about this kind of video as it provides them with real stories.

By now, you know the different types of videos.  Besides live-action videos, most of the video formats are cost-effective. Videos for brand promotion have huge benefits. Select your style wisely. Optimize your plans. Test and see what works for you.

Put video marketing on the top of your list. 

The writing on the wall is clear. Let’s bring videos at the front and center of our marketing strategy. Put your best foot forward. And choose a type of video that matches your brand’s goals, target audience, budget, and core values. 

May all this intel urge you to get out of your seats and bring out the best entrepreneur in you. Take time to think, set your targets and start filming!