Start Using Videos For Facebook Adverts

Start Using Videos For Facebook Adverts

If you use Facebook regularly you will notice the huge rise with video content being the main type of content on your timeline. This type of content is more popular than any other content on Facebook because of how it grabs your attention and makes you want to watch the full video. This is why we use video based content on nearly every advert we post on Facebook.

Why should I use videos for Facebook Adverts

Facebook Video ads are a great way to make sure people recognize and remember your brand. Video content is a great way to get engagement across multiple social media platforms that will bring traffic to your website, creating leads. When we use videos for our Facebook ads we get a lot of people liking, sharing and commenting on it and from the engagement that is generated we got more leads who will email, phone or even message us directly through our Facebook page.

Facebook Advert strategies

Videos that don’t need sound might sound a bit strange but a lot of people who are scrolling on social media are only doing it to kill time when commuting, in a public place or even to just have a rest at work. This is where sound is not appropriate for listening to a video, and this is why having videos without sound has a lot of engagement. Even if you do want to use sound you still can just maybe think about using captions.

Get your point across

When making any type of content for social you want to grab the attention from people quickly and then get your point across to your audience. On Facebook Ads you are able to post a video for a length of 2 hours, no one is going to watch a video on Facebook for two hours and videos that are less than 30 seconds are more watched by 80%.

Keep your Facebook ads short, engaging to get your main points across faster.

Watch your video metrics

After you have posted your Facebook ad and you have got all of your metrics back you need to evaluate them. You need to see if they have been beneficial to your business. How many people have watched your advert? How many clicks were made on your ad? How many visits did your website get? Understanding these questions will give you a better understanding of how Facebook works. This will eventually give you a better understanding of your targeting for the future.