Ways Your WordPress Website is Driving People Away

You believe that your old WordPress website does not need a redesign. You feel you are saving money by not hiring a website design Manchester agency, but think again. You might realise that the opposite is true. Your old, outdated WordPress website might be alienating your prospective customers. Your prospective clients think of your website as a window to your business. 

If it fails to impress them, or if it fails to create trust, your visitors will be bouncing out of your website sooner than they landed. The more you wait to upgrade your WordPress website, the more clients you are losing to your competition. Investing in a fresh, new redesign might help with your online marketing efforts. If you’re wondering that a new redesign might cost you a fortune, fret not. Talk to our website design Manchester team today for a stunning yet affordable WordPress website.

It’s Not Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are a common sight everywhere. This means that a lot of your visitors are looking for you on a mobile device. If your WordPress website was designed even three years ago, it’s likely that it is not mobile friendly. And if it was designed 5 years ago or even earlier, it’s highly likely that it’s not mobile friendly at all. It’s time to hire a professional website design Manchester agency to redesign your old WordPress website. Your website’s visitors are perhaps feeling frustrated having to zoom-pinch on their mobile screens to read your website’s content. A responsive design not only ensures that your website looks good on devices of all sizes, it also helps with SEO too. You can easily check if your website is mobile responsive. Click here to open Google’s Mobile Friendly testing tool. Now enter the URL of your website and click on the “Run Test” button. Within seconds, the tool will tell you whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Don’t let your unresponsive WordPress website drive away your visitors. Speak to our website design Manchester team for a stunning new mobile friendly website.

Some Features Do Not Work

A lot of features that were in vogue five years ago might not be relevant at all today. For example, Flash has virtually faded away from the web owing to security concerns. Moreover, Flash is not compatible with a lot of mobile browsers. As browsers evolve, your old WordPress website may not be loading properly. Instead of being greeted by a professional website, your visitors are seeing a mess of a design, which is driving them away.

Your Website Takes Its Own Sweet Time to Load

Your now outdated website was once the latest trend for its time. Given the technology of the time, your website was fast and furious. However, even five years is a huge time when it comes to web technology. Now, your website is slow, and takes a long time to load all its features. Your visitors won’t wait for more than 7 seconds for your website to load. If your website is taking longer than 7 seconds, you are losing prospective customers. While some of your visitors might wait, most might not have the patience and might think that you are out of business, and will quickly go back to their search results page to look for your competitors.

Security Concerns

As you might already be aware, hackers are always on the prowl looking for weak websites to hack into and create a menace. That’s why WordPress keeps rolling out updates on a regular basis to ensure the platform’s core becomes much more secure. According to a 2016 report by Succuri, out of over 11,000 infected websites 75% were WordPress websites. Your old WordPress website is making your visitors take risk, which they’re obviously not prepared to take. They will simply leave your website at the slightest sign of security problems. A new website powered by the latest version of WordPress is the only way to keep your visitors coming to your website. Talk to our website design Manchester team today.

Aging Design

Website design trends have dramatically changed from the 1990s. What was the latest trend during the 90s is not even relevant today. If your website features any design elements that reeks of the 90s, it’s time to change. Your old WordPress website is making your visitors think that you are not prepared to invest in your website, and will begin to doubt the quality of your products/services. Worse yet, they may wonder whether you are no longer in business. An outdated design is driving away your prospective customers.

Time to Upgrade Your WordPress Website

Take a look at your competitors’ websites. Does your website look like it’s way behind the competition? Think from the perspective of visitors. Would you do business with a company that has an outdated website? Your website is a big part of your business. Don’t ignore it. Update your old WordPress website from time to time to ensure you keep up with the changing times. Need help redesigning your old WordPress website? Contact Blue Whale Media today.

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