Why We Use WordPress

It’s 2017, and at Blue Whale Media, we proudly use WordPress. You might be wondering what’s a leading Warrington website design company doing, still stuck with a CMS that released back in 2003?

Certainly, several newer options must be available in the market that might be better than WordPress, right? Wrong!

Sure, there are some options that could be compared with WordPress, but there’s not one CMS that ticks all the right boxes like WordPress does. The web world has changed over the years, and so has WordPress, which has been evolving continuously.

Which is why as the most trusted Warrington website design company, we rely on WordPress, a powerhouse in the web design industry.

Here are some brilliant reasons why you too should use WordPress.

It Comes at a Staggeringly Low Price of Free

Yes, you heard it right. WordPress has been, and will always be free. You can download it, install it, update it, and pay nothing for using it. It is open source software, which means the code can be adapted, corrected and added to by anyone and everyone. WordPress also gives you access to a slew of free themes, plugins and widgets.

Endless Possibilities

Talking about themes and plugins, WordPress is supported by a large community of developers who produce some stellar content for it. You can find themes in a wide range of designs and layouts.

You can add any functionality you can think of thanks to its huge base of plugins. From social network integration to ecommerce solutions and booking systems, WordPress supports it all.

Combine that with the expertise of a professional Warrington website design company, and you can have a solution you desire.

It’s Easy Peasy

WordPress offers one of the easiest to use admin interfaces out there. You can literally customise the form and function of your WordPress website so it looks and does exactly like you desire. At Blue Whale Media, we enjoy the process of creating and handing over WordPress websites to our client, as we know that they are going to have a great experience right from the moment they begin managing their website.

In Conclusion

The best part is that these benefits and more come without any compromise to functionality. Like mentioned earlier, WordPress can be modified as desired to bring your vision to reality. There are many DIY website builders that make website building easy for a lay person, but they do not offer the level of deep customisation that WordPress can.

There you go. Now you know why the team at Blue Whale Media loves WordPress. Looking for a stunning WordPress website? Speak to our web design team and we will craft your bespoke website just the way you want it.

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