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Web Design in 2019

Website design has progressed from the days of non-responsive web pages or back when screens where smaller. Now as technology advances so do our beloved websites. More and more people are using smartphones to search and buy, and using Google and other browsers, therefore you need your website to work on all devices. Let’s look at a couple of trends for 2019.

Mobile Friendly

One of the main aspects of 2019 web design is the fact it is essential that it works on mobiles. With more than half of all internet traffic shopping from a mobile device, you need your website to look correct and have an easy-to-use design for mobiles.

The term responsive means your website responds to any size of monitor, tablet and mobile device. The idea is you steer away from having a desktop website and a mobile website, you have one main website that works all the way from 1900px wide to a 400px wide. This means you need to make sure the elements of your website are smaller, or they stack on top of each other to create a fantastic user experience.

Busy people need information quickly, more times than not they will move on to another website if the information they are looking for doesn’t jump out at them. UX is how consumers will perceive your business, it also creates a long lasting impression.

Minimalist Designs and White Space

White space designing has become apparent in the last couple of years, more businesses want their websites to look clean and professional. Minimal websites are set up with UX in mind, the colours are easy on the eye and the layout is simple enough for people to follow. The functionality of minimal web pages also needs to follow the same concept. Limiting transitions are a necessity. For example, if you hover over an image it may rise slightly, these transitions are not over the top but they make people appreciate them. It also means you are adding some interactivity to your website.

Colour and Icons

Colour schemes are in fact one of the most important aspects of web design. Colours come hand in hand with minimal designs. Using a primary colour then a secondary colour with blacks, whites and greys are where websites are at. For me it creates a sense of calmness, they are easy to look at and usually, the consumer is able to navigate around the website with ease.

Icons follow the same concepts as colours. Using icons to inform your user is a great way to improve their experience on your website.


This will give you a good idea of what 2019 is going to bring for web design. If you are a business owner and this blog is suited to your business then maybe its time to make a change to your website. Get in touch with Blue Whale Media today and change the way your business appears online.

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