What Is The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

These two may be confusing and to clearly understand the difference, it’s essential first to have a look at Google analytics used by businesses to search for web development and Web Design Company such as Web Design Warrington. Currently, these two terms are related since web companies frequently alternate how they describe the scope of their services. However, these two are unique and require different skill sets. In here, we highlight the differences between the tow and why it’s essential to differentiate them. Keep reading.

Web design is the beauty side of the website and its functionality. Web designers typically require a variety of programs like Adobe Photoshop to generate a layout and other attractive elements of a website. On the other hand, web developers regularly create a working website from web design. Web developers normally user PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS to develop design files.

Web Design

Web designers such as Web Design Warrington start by looking at a client’s website and their objectives. They then proceed to the Information Architecture or the AI to set an information hierarchy for the site. Generally, they help in guiding the design process.

Next, they can begin with creating what is popularly known as wireframes and then move to the design. They may use different principles to create an attractive layout which improves the user’s experience.

Principles of Web Design

  • Balance

A web designer must create an all rounded layout. You can have a mix of heavy colours and lighter colours by using the best percentage of each to come up with a balanced design.

  • Contrast

Contrasting colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Web design has several areas where contrast can be applied. Designers will carefully look at contrasting shapes, sizes and texture when defining and drawing attention to various parts of the website.

  • Emphasis

It is a principle of design that concentrates on various elements of the layout of a website. It is worth noting that it’s essential to take time and look upon information Architecture for emphasizing.

  • Consistency

This design principle is critical and also known as repetition, consistency or rhythm. It helps the user get the best experience as they navigate through a website.

  • Unity

This web design principle is the relationship that exists between parts of a website layout and its whole composition. It is commonly used by Web Design Warrington.

Web Development

Web developers are also known as programmers. They usually take the design and create a functioning website. They take the design, break into smaller parts and come up with a useful website. They usually use HTML or a more sophisticated approach that involves the use of programming languages. Examples are PHP useful for developing several website pages. More advanced developers typically prefer to use a content management system such as WordPress and Joomla to streamline the development and let users maintain and update their sites quite quickly.

Developers can also change a static or rigid layout to a dynamic site by the use of images and sliders. They can also use active states necessary for links and buttons, as well as other interactive objects.


Business looking forward to designing or redesigning their website may still not differentiate between web design and web development. However, big companies invest a lot of resources to have a web layout then hand over the files to a developer or a programmer to come up with a fully functioning website.

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