Web Development at Blue Whale Media.

Our experienced team at Blue Whale Media understands that the aesthetics and design of your website are fundamental in crafting a website.

However, behind the beautiful designs and stunning colour schemes are expert programming and advanced functionality. These must be installed and managed by a team of experienced web developers and website designers in Manchester.

At Blue Whale Media, our team of website designers in Manchester works alongside you and your business to create bespoke, personalised and high-quality websites and apps.

If you are searching for a fully bespoke Wordpress plugin or a practical way to integrate your website with your eCommerce platform, then our Manchester web design team has an unmatched understanding of coding and the interesting language.

This includes but is not limited to;

  • HTML5
  • CCS3
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery

Our talented team

Our team of web designers can assist you when you create your website. We can develop a personalised and highly functional site that can quickly work to achieve your business and brand goals. Our Web Design Manchester team collaborate with our range of clients to create a vast collection of website functionalities, including;

  • Estate Agent APIs
  • Forums
  • Booking Systems
  • eBay/ Amazon Integration
  • Virtual Reality Experiences
  • 3D logos

We use only the latest and most reliable programs and updated technology to shape and mold your new site. Every project at Blue Whale Media has functionality and usability placed at the forefront of each build. Our team works tirelessly to provide innovative solutions that meet our client’s, but that can also grow to suit the changing business requirements.

What features can we offer?

Our team of designers are always excited to incorporate very modern techniques and elements into all of our projects and designs.

Some of the most popular and innovative features are listed below:

Virtual Reality Walk-throughs: Virtual reality is a new addition to websites; it elevates the content and showcases products and services like never before. Our website developers have recognised the benefits and added profitability that VR can give your business to capitalise on its success. By using gaming engines and 3D technology, our exceptional team can develop RealTime environments that your clients can experience.

360 Degree Virtual Tours: 360 Degree videos have gained significant popularity since their integration into social media platforms. We have discovered how this feature can elevate your site to the next level. By integrating this into your new website, your visitors can use the mouse to pan and tilt through a complete and complex 360 view of an image or space. This feature can be beneficial to digital marketers, estate agents and architects.

3D Logos: With a bespoke 3D Logo, you can represent your company and your creative vision through visual language. Our in-house graphic design team can create stunning and unique logos to suit your new website.

3D Printing: We have extensive and unrivalled experience in creating 3D prototypes and products efficiently. We guarantee exceptional and unmatched quality on both unique and one of a kind prints as well as a batch or repeat prints.

Why should you choose Blue Whale Media?

  • No hidden costs: There are no hidden or additional charges when you choose Blue Whale Media. What you see is what you get, and we work tirelessly to ensure that you are happy with the work and the schedule.
  • Reasonable and conceivable timescales: As your trusted digital partner, we ensure communication with our Directing and Operating Managers regularly. This communication means that any problems will be dealt with effectively and efficiently. Our team guarantees a comprehensive and achievable timescale for your project from the start.
  • No task is too big or too small: We have extensive experience in working with larger and smaller projects. You can be sure that Blue Whale Media will provide everything necessary for your brand to thrive.
  • Comprehensive testing and aftercare services: Our team of website designers ensures that the sites we create are thoroughly and rigorously tested to deliver your personalised solution. When your website is live, we offer exceptional technical support and aftercare so that you are kept up and running.
  • Experienced team: Our team are experts in their field of work and can create your bespoke website that delivers both on design and functionality. Blue Whale Media can provide a website that creates a significant return on your investment.