Trends for website animations in 2021

Website Animation Trends 2021

Motion acts as the main ingredient in Liverpool’s web design to fit the taste of the users. Why? Because it helps drive emotion among the users. Motion helps in adding dynamics and also brings static UI to life. It is fun, attractive, and appealing, adding charm to your website. We will be discussing the most popular website animation trends of 2021 for you. You can expect these website animation examples and motion graphic effects to dominate and capture your screens in 2021.

What Is Web Animation?

Marketers use web animation in multiple types of webpages. It consists of small web animations, which occur as a visitor or user is scrolling via a webpage to draw attention to your element. This animation demonstrates any promotional web animation or product that displays something entertaining and engaging to the user.

Web animation helps businesses in attracting attention and also engaging people in a better way. It assists marketers in communicating effectively and with clarity. It can easily engage and capture the attention of the people longer than the static webpage. You can expect a web animation to support the journey of the visitor. It is expected to be meaningful and smooth at all times.

Animated Logos

The trend of animated logos has been around for the past several years. Today, they are still sitting on top of web animation trends. Motion designers can create varying logo animation types by adding numerous visual effects. It includes a rotating logo, revealing and hiding logo, 3D animation logo, morphing logo, expanding logo, hard-drawn animated logo, etc.

A logo is a first and foremost thing that you will often see when you enter a site. So, you have to make your logo capturing, memorable, and personality revealing to make your brand shine. You can do all of this by using just typography or symbol. Animation also does a great job emphasizing the features of the brand by narrating a short story using a few effects and motions.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography is also known as moving text and is an animation method, which combines motion and typography. Multiple eminent companies utilize kinetic typography in web designing for adding a feeling of innovation and movement to their online appearance.

It is fun to see how a simple text mixed with the fitting typography style, tone, and pace can bring effective associations and powerful emotions. It helps users focus on what is being told on a site and understand it at a distinct level of perception.

Background Animation

Using charismatic animated heroes, you can start creating an animated story of your brand, introducing your team, and displaying a fun and exciting manufacturing procedure. There is an array of ideas to utilize animation on site background. You can locate sites across varying industries and niches with an animated background.

It includes financial organizations, eCommerce retailers, banks, restaurants, healthcare companies, and B2B service providers. The people adore background animation as it enables them to receive and learn more about the brand once they enter the website.

Loading Animation

According to Digital Synopsis, 47% of the users are expecting a webpage to start loading in just two seconds or less. After 4-8 seconds, the users start to get frustrated, and they leave. It is easy to lose conversions and users in just a single second delay. However, there is a secret trick to make the users stay while they wait, and that is by using a loading animation. It is something that your users will enjoy watching and let the loading time pass.

Liquid Motion

Liquid motion is another website animation trend that a lot of people are considering in 2021. Why? Well, because it adds a ton of interactivity and style to a website layout. It can easily hypnotize the users with its calm and flawlessness if you are interested in adding a delightful and intriguing design accent to your site and bringing a seamless user experience. The liquid animation will have a flowy and slow movement that tends to ebb, flows, or ripple. You can start activating it on the scroll or reacting it to a mouse hover.

Hover Effects

Hover animation consists of web motion graphics classics. This website animation is widely used today, and it continues to garner a ton of momentum even today. It is popular because of how easy it is to implement and create an exciting and fun user experience. Hover effects enable you to obtain attractive results on a site with minimal effort.

It masterfully creates a magnetic effect, which is hard to stop hovering continuously on the objects. With this effect, you can expect your web user experience to be like a fun game. A playful site interaction helps bring satisfaction and delight to users. But it is important to realize the power balance and avoid overusing this particular effect in the web design.

Animated Galleries and Slideshows

And finally, we have animated galleries and slideshows. The popularity of this trend is increasing in recent years. It will appear like sequential images that automatically replace one another within the website background. Image transitions are usually soft, monotonic, and simple. In this way, the animation doesn’t tend to distract the users from the main objective. Both slideshows and galleries are user-friendly. It does an excellent job in naturally mimicking the album functionality of the real-life photos.


The animation is continuously proving it is staying power more than web design in mediums. Website animation is becoming one of the most popular and top-performing design trends in recent years. You have so many options to choose from, including animated logos, kinetic typography, hover effects, liquid motion, etc. There is a multitude of options to pick from for implementing them in your webpage design.

You will be breathing absolute life into your website layouts. This brief overview of the biggest web animation trends will encourage you to execute new experiments relating to web design and create fun digital experiences. If you have reached this section of the article, we hope you will be better equipped with the current website animation trends for taking your business to the next level.