Gathering Information for Website Builds

When you sign up to have a new website this is an exciting time and you want your new site up and running as soon as possible. Before your website can go into the build process there is information that you as the client must provide. When you are supplying the information you really need to think about what you would like on each page of your site.

Preparing content

Before supplying any information you need to prepare it and take your time gathering it all together. It is always good to double-check anything you write, download etc as these will be the information that defines your website and. Makes it different to anyone else’s. The main parts you really have to put thought into is the content and images throughout the site also if you are selling online the products you will be listing.


Written content for your site is very important this is what people visiting your site will be reading, on a site you don’t want it too wordy but you also don’t want it with little information where the customer won’t be drawn in. For all your pages, it’s suggested around 500 words per page. The content will be different on each page ie the About us will not be the same as the Services page so when you are writing it is always best to stick to writing the content for that page and then saving it separately and then opening up another blank document ready to write another page.


Images are just as important as content as they will make your pages stand out. When collecting the images together it is always good to think about what that page is called and what you have written in the content for that page and find images that relate. Around 3-5 images per page are usually best these may not all be used but this gives you and the designer a few more options to use if one or two images don’t look right on that page. More images the better. Always make sure these images are high quality and are clear as these will work and look better on your site.

eCommerce vs Brochure Websites

If you are having an eCommerce website where you are selling goods online you won’t have as many pages as you would a brochure website but you will still need to supply information. This would be all the products you are selling usually you would receive a spreadsheet to complete asking you for all the product information you would list these ones by one. Completing the spreadsheet to the best of your ability will help in the long run when your website is live. Everything a customer needs to know about these products must be listed as this will help with sales. Product images must link to each product you have you can have one or more images when taking pictures of these products they must be clear and in high resolution. You want to get the images in the best quality you can so they stand out on your site. Collecting all the product information together will make it easier to keep track of especially if you have a fair few products to upload.

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