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Website Design – How Does it Work?

Did you ever wonder how your vision for your website gets converted into reality by a team of web professionals? A professional Alderley Edge web design service employs a meticulous process to craft a website that meets your needs.

It all Begins with an Idea

You have an idea for your website in terms of looks and features. Your web service listens to, and understands, these requirements, focusing mainly on your business goals, target audience, and need for specific user-oriented features.

An experienced Alderley Edge web design company extends valuable support by offering expert suggestions based on its previous work for similar clients.

Agreement Documentation

Once an agreement on website requirements is reached, your web service will put it all in writing. This gives the team a concrete pathway to follow during design and development stage.

This is also the stage where contracts concerning payment, project termination, work copyrights, and timelines, are prepared.

Terms regarding access to client properties such as servers and databases, and access authentication details, are also finalised.

Wireframe Development

A wireframe is a page-by-page depiction of your website. It describes how different design elements, functionalities, and content will appear on the website. This representation enables you to make website changes, if required.

Website Design

Once you finalise the wireframe, colours, fonts and images are added to the design. An experienced Alderley Edge web design service ensures that your brand is best reflected with a contemporary, trendy, or professional look, as suitable.

Back-End Development

Programming is required to bring your website features to life. Whether you want graphics, sign-up forms, or image galleries, developers can code for any required feature.

Alderley Edge web design developers also ensure that they choose a platform that meets your budget and feature requirements; makes website maintenance easy; and supports future website needs.


Every aspect of your website, from its appearance on different device screens to links, navigation, and sign-up forms, is thoroughly checked for correct functioning.

Making the Website Live

Finally, your website is ready for the world. Your Alderley Edge web design service would need your hosting details to make your website live. It may provide a hosting service if you don’t have one in place.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Constant updating of features and content, and fixing links, are some maintenance aspects essential to keep your website working smoothly. A professional Alderley Edge web design provides a complete web solution, including maintenance.

What goes behind the scenes is no more a mystery! Being informed can help you get more involved in your website process, to derive desired results.

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