Optimising your website for lead generation

All business owners are interested in getting more leads to foster improvements in their sales and increase profits. To increase leads; however, there are strategies which Web Design Warrington believes each business owner should embrace to get the desired results. The business website, for instance, is the online gateway through which all the company’s activities, products, and services can be accessed online. The online visitors going through your website can, therefore, be tactically converted to become a lead by having a well-designed lead generating website even if the visitor wasn’t looking for products in your website. These websites should, however, be optimized to ensure efficiency in the lead generation process. Some methods of optimizing the websites for effective lead generation include;

Mobile friendly

Design the lead generation website to be mobile friendly. A more significant percentage of people worldwide use their mobile phones to access the internet. Having a website that cannot be accessed by a mobile phone can be detrimental to the business efforts of generating leads. According to Web Design Warrington statistically, 60% of the people are less likely to revisit the website if they had issues accessing it and a large number of these people will go to the competitors of your brand. It is, therefore, necessary to insist on having a mobile-friendly lead generating website.


The leads generation exercise should involve regular audits and checks to determine which areas are generating the most and where to improve. Pages which have the highest visitation traffic should be equipped with forms which can capture important client information for use by the business. Landing pages should be carefully designed such that they nurture the interests of the different visitors.

User appreciation

The business website should provide ‘thank you’ pages where the web visitors will be directed after they have filled their information on the form to nurture the lead. Hooks are also essential to keep them on the website, and Web Design Warrington is confident the longer they stay on the website, the more trust they gain on your brand. You can redirect them to other pages within the site however this pages should be relevant to what the client is interested in.

Easy process

The business website should have a designed, lead generation procedure that makes sense to the web visitor. Linking of information for the user should be carefully chosen to make sure they are redirected to information which is relevant and within the same subject matter with what the client is interested in. The conversion path of your target audience is also important to note, the frequently viewed pages and the order with which they are accessed to improve the experience for the efficiency of the process better.

Call to action

Web Design Warrington advises business websites to also include call-to-action (CTA) buttons which are unique, beautiful shapes and even employ the use of animation to make them appealing to the prospective visiting clients. These unique features may be beneficial in increasing the number of clicks in comparison to the regular shapes and colours of CTAs.

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