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Advanced Communication.


Advanced Communication are able to offer flexible and customisable communications solutions so that businesses only pay for what is needed, they also help to source the most appropriate communication solution for business across the country.

What We Did.
Our website design team created a new website for Advanced Communications, it displays the company’s information clearly and the colour palette used is subtle, but reflects their brand identity. The website design includes opacity on various sections to make sure the content stand out against images and surrounding sections of each page.

The website looks high-end and professional helping the company to stand out from the competitors. We have included a custom menu that utilises the full screen for its design and layout. Transition animations can be viewed by the user when opening and closing the custom menu. We have also included hover animations implemented for the individual new posts section on the homepage and news pages.

Our content team have reconstructed the content to make it more appealing and easier to read for customers, it also provides the right message that the company wants to portray.

Biggest Change.

The new website for Advanced Communications showcases many new features to enhance the company’s online presence. We designed a captivating, bold layout that utilises the full desktop and mobile screen-space to provide an engaging layout overall for users. We implemented hover animations for the individual news posts section on the home and news pages to increase engagement and interest on the page. And finally, we lowered the opacity on various sections of the page to make the content standout against the images and surrounding sections. All changes that were made to the site increase the business’ visibility online and gives them a strong, trustworthy platform to stand on when showcasing their services.

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Launch Date: 13.6.22