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AlcoWall Servicing Ltd was formed in 2020, AlcoWall is now at the forefront of the industry in the aftercare of Moveable Partition Systems throughout the U.K.

What We Did.
Our team at Blue Whale Media created a new website, a new logo and created custom graphics for Alcowall Servicing Ltd. The new logo fits with the simple but modern design of the website and the colour scheme while strengthening their brand identity.

The colour palette of the website is monochrome, we used this because it is minimalistic and does not distract from the information on the website.

To add another level of user interaction, our team also included animated elements when the user scrolls through the website which engages the users. We also included high-resolution images and customised graphics so the website is always engaging for new website visitors.

Biggest Change.
The new website for Alcowall showcases a professional and modern design through the use of high-quality images and hover animations throughout the site. The new logo gives a clean and professional look that fits with the new website design. These changes will strengthen the brand’s identity and encourage people to revisit the website.

Category: brochure

Launch Date: 07.10.20