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Bach 95 is the haven for all lager lovers out there! It is a health-conscious company that provides premium, full-flavoured, and full-strength lager, yet that has reduced calories.

What We Did.
Our team of website developers created a completely new and up-to-date website for Bach 95; giving a fresh look and feel to it. The website has modern designs, an updated logo, and eye-catching graphics that are sure to catch the customers’ attention! To make things easier for the Bach 95 team as well as customers, we added a section dedicated to the product subscription service. Out of all, the most striking feature is the animation –right from the logo to the subscription section, you’ll notice the elements appear one after the other as you scroll down! Last but not least, we also integrated Amazon shop on the website for an easy customer experience!

Biggest Change.
The new eCommerce website for Bach 95 showcases many new features. A modern design is used throughout to enhance customer experience. When building the website we included animation to the page as you scroll down, making the site more interactive and engaging for customers. An Amazon shop plugin was integrated to the site to enable customers to purchase through Amazon. The features we have incorporated allows the brand to build their online presence whilst also encouraging people to revisit the site.

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Launch Date: 13.01.20