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Cambrooke UK.


Founded in 2000, Ajinomoto Cambrooke recognises the critical nature of managing severe medical disorders through medically-based nutrition therapies. For people with serious unmet medical nutrition needs, it is a daily challenge to find flavorful, easy options that can sustain their diets and maintain their nutritional needs.

What We Did.

The website we created for Cambrooke UK is unique in its eCommerce platform; the website’s design utilises shadows, curved sections and segmented images and text to give a clean and consistent layout. The new design and layout help the customer to see what recipes and products are on display. A custom-mobile menu was created in order to show the specified recipe and product dropdowns still, whilst also keeping in line with the given design overall. Within the ecommerce element, the website offers sample packs to doctors and health experts, which are ordered by them only, whilst providing the function for customers to view the products. The recipes page uses a search and filter function for the customer to see all the individual recipes based on the given options.

Cambrooke UK offers unique products which need a prescription. We needed a way to find a way for users to buy their products. The sample pack page is a superb way to allow the user to purchase and the client to gather all information necessary for the prescription. The recipe page has a filter system where the user can identify which sort of food they would like; this is great for the website’s user experience. For individual recipes, the client asked for extra-tabs to be available to input further-recipe data. This was done through the use of Custom fields, which the client can add into and populate on the front-end.

The newsletter integration is done via Mailchimp, with a somewhat different take on subscriptions as customers will be signed up to it at the contact form stage or even opt-in during the checkout of sample packs.

Biggest Change.

The new website for Cambrooke UK is the perfect solution for the company to really showcase their services and what they have to offer. There have been many new elements implemented into the website but the most standout features have to be: the recipe searching functionality. This feature allows the user to instantly search through the various recipes by clicking through a specific recipe type. Due to the nature of the website, this enables easy browsing for the user resulting in more successful purchases.

Hover animations for buttons were implemented throughout the site, as well as page-scroll animations. This allows for a more engaging navigation experience for the user. The page scroll feature is a great way to show more of the website to the user in a professional and exciting way.

The site uses multiple-advanced functions in order to display the various blogs, recipes and products throughout the website. A custom query was also created for the blog’s page, this allows the owner of the site to maintain the overall high standard of the appearance of the website when uploading their own content. This allows for easy maintenance on the back end of the website without any technical worries.

Moving forward, this will help the company keep customers engaged and therefore follow up in successful purchases.

Category: ecommerce

Launch Date: 13.6.22