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Cosmetology Clinic


Cosmetology Clinic is a beauty treatment clinic in Liverpool; they have a wide range of treatments including skin and body treatments, non-surgical facelift, fat reduction treatments and plasma pen treatments.

What We Did.
Our website design team has redesigned Cosmetology Clinic’s website to become more modern and created a new logo that compliments the colour scheme. The new layout of the website is simple and has a minimal colour scheme to showcase the clinic’s services. The website and its information is clearly set out and neatly arranged so that it is readable for users and customers.

Customers and clients can now easily navigate through Cosmetology’s new website and book one of the many services offered.

Biggest Change.
For the new Cosmetology website, the biggest change was the development of branding. With a new logo and colour scheme, our team were able to create a site that fully represented the business online. Moving forward, this will allow Cosmetology to develop their brand identity and stand out as a professional company against its competitors.

Category: ecommerce

Launch Date: 08.06.2020