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Fitzpatrick Photography


Fitzpatrick Photography is owned and operated by Matthew Fitzpatrick; he is an award-winning wedding photographer based in the North West. Since 2009 have been telling love stories as a professional wedding photographer.

What We Did.
Classy, Simplistic and Professional are three words to describe the new website design for Fitzpatrick Photography. Most of the team at Blue Whale Media were involved with the overall project, including graphics, content, marketing, video and development.
One of the objectives of the Fitzpatrick project was to portray the quality of service the client offers to his customers.
Our graphics team designed a new logo for Fitzpatrick Photography; we wanted to create a luxury premium brand ensuring to attract the higher end of the market. The typeface had a sense of elegance, class and prestige, with a slight tweak to the A to give a distinctive look.

The client required an elegant yet simplistic logo animation to bring an extra dynamic to their website. The production team used a simple 3D reveal of the ‘F’ to create depth and revealed the outside text slowly. To finish the animation, we circled the outer text to keep engagement up for a further few seconds and finally dissolved the entire logo out to help the web team with looping the logo.

We completed a Social Media revamp for Fitzpatrick; firstly, we took a look at their social media accounts and look for areas to improve; for example, we created new banners, profile pictures and bios for each platform. This ensures cohesive branding throughout each digital element of the business to showcase their professionalism and overall brand identity.

Biggest Change.
The new website for Fitzpatrick Photography is the perfect solution for the company to really showcase their services and what they have to offer. There have been many new elements implemented into the website but the most standout features have to be the new muted colour scheme throughout the website. This creates a more clean and simple design, it complements the photographer’s work and there is no worry that the images will become overshadowed by a busy colour scheme.

We also included informational content about the services offered. This is to make sure the user can find all the information needed in one place. This allows for a better user experience as the professionally written content keeps it clear and concise without skimming on any vital information. The user will leave the site feeling well informed and more inclined to make an enquiry. The new content reassures the user that they are working with a professional and helps to build a better customer relationship.

The hover animation creates more depth throughout the website, giving a more dynamic look. Overall, this will help to improve the user experience of the website. Adding little playful elements like this helps to keep users on the page for longer, resulting in the user interacting more with your content.

The new beautiful look of this website will help to keep users engaged throughout, resulting in more successful enquiries.

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Launch Date: 13.06.22