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Hannah Paskin Therapy.


Hannah Paskin is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with a full-time Private Therapy Practice offering psychotherapy sessions in Middlewich, Cheshire, alongside online therapy.

What We Did.
The team at Blue Whale Media created a new website for Hannah Paskin Therapy, which has a unique design but it highlights her brand identity perfectly. User engagement has been enhanced with the use of hover and page animations, which are subtle but do not detract from her overall message and company message.

To set her apart from the competitors, our team also designed her a new logo; with the logo colours, we were also able to use these throughout the website’s colour scheme, which will enhance her overall brand image. Our video team has also animated the logo, which adds a special touch to the website as it will engage web users.

Our content team also created new content for the website to ensure that visitors get the information they need quickly. Still, the new content has also been optimised for search engines to help the company to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

In terms of website functionality, our team has included a newsletter sign up a popup window, which will enable web visitors to sign up for updates and news from Hannah Paskin. The website is also mobile responsive, so this means anyone can access the website from a mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad and many other devices. We have also included a new online booking system using ‘Amelia’, this will allow clients to book easily and hassle-free.

Biggest Change.
The new website we built for Hannah Paskin Therapy showcases many new features throughout to enhance her online presence and professionalism. The company had a full rebrand which showcases a bold and modern design. We animated the logo design on the site to make the page more visually appealing and engaging for users. Along with these changes, we also included hover and page animations, a newsletter signup popup and a new online booking system using the plugin ‘Amelia’. All changes will help Hannah Paskin have a strong online presence which will create trust between the user and herself.

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Launch Date: 13.6.22