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Koplar Group.


Koplar Group Ltd was established in 2020 with a team with years of experience within the construction industry. Their head office is based in Deansgate Manchester and they have over 50 highly qualified and skilled staff.

What We Did.
Our team designed and developed a new website for the Koplar group, the new design for the website included construction style elements mixed with modern graphics. We have used yellow as a theme colour throughout the site; it is a staple colour in the construction industry and contrasts nicely with the black background. The dark grey, yellow, white and black colour scheme is used throughout the website in order to give a unique and fresh look that isn’t commonly utilised on a construction-orientated website.

We have added a full-screen slider on the homepage to captivate and engage the user; the vertical slider has been integrated to give a unique way of interacting, viewing and using the slider itself. We added bold and large heading fonts to engage with the user and show clearly where they are on each page. We included a count-up functionality on the numbers used to signify that the client has grown significantly since first starting out in the construction industry. A full-screen design has been created to make full use of the available space, providing cut-out images uniquely to captivate and engage the user.

Our team added a custom menu to give an animated and full-screen experience when navigating through pages. Utilising full-screen images when hovering over each page name as well as anchor links for page navigation provides extra interactivity for the user when going through pages.

The content within the website has been created by our content team, firstly conducting market research to see how other construction companies are presenting their business. Each page has multiple calls to action, ensuring that viewers are converted to customers. The content is well laid out and easily readable for those who need to find information quickly.

Biggest Change.
The new website for Koplar perfectly showcases their business and enables them to compete within the busy construction industry and market. There have been many changes and new additions to the website, firstly our team included a full-screen slider used on the homepage to immersify the user. This also allows for a more interactive experience when using and navigating through the pages of the website.

To provide the user extra interactivity our team added page animations creating further interactivity, it is essential to capture the audience’s attention within seconds otherwise they will not be interested in your services. Now people’s attention spans often get smaller and smaller, which is why adding interactive elements makes it easier to entice them into reading more about your business.

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Launch Date: 13.6.22