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Labour At Heights.


Labour at Heights is a small recruitment agency based in the North West of England; we operate nationwide to provide staff and labour to the construction sector.

What We Did.
Our team at Blue Whale Media designed and developed a whole new website for Labour at Heights, we included a unique and vibrant colour scheme that includes green and yellow elements throughout the website to captivate users. Our graphics team designed a brand new logo for the recruitment agency, this ensures that their brand awareness is heightened and that they look professional to both businesses and potential applicants. We also included a jobs-listing plugin utilised for the client to easily engage with the prospective employee and manage in the backend.

Icons have been used throughout the site with the same styling, they are brand-related which brings more continuity to the website. The addition of the circles on the side of the header just brings depth to the page as it’s not the main focal point of the website but it looks a lot better with a graphic filling the white space.

We have included a large heading per page that captivates the user and signifies clearly what page they are currently viewing. A video has been used in the background on the homepage in order to immersify and engage the user when first viewing the website.

Hover animations used on call-to-actions have been added to create a more interactive experience. They also easily signify to the user that the element is a clickable page and section animations are used when scrolling throughout the site.

Biggest Change.
The new website for Labour At Heights is the perfect solution for the company to really establish their online presence. There have been many changes to the website. However, the most standout features include the hover animations on the call to action. This is a great way to entice the user to engage with the website. It encourages people to click and interact with specific elements of the website.

The design utilises the full screen by implementing unique circular patterns throughout various pages and sections in order to give a vibrant and modern aesthetic overall. By including these elements we are able to create an established brand identity for the website. Which will improve their overall online presence.

The video in the background on the homepage is a great way to showcase the client’s specific industry. It also further engages the user by giving a full-screen immersive introduction to the website. Telling the user exactly who they are is a great way to enhance the customer relationship.

In the future, this will help the company keep customers engaged and therefore follow up on successful leads.

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Launch Date: 13.6.22