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Liverpool Dance Parties


Liverpool Dance Parties (formerly Lyssydoll Dance Parties) were first created in 2010. Since then, they have enjoyed teaching hundreds of amazing Hen Parties to unleash their inner diva and create long-lasting memories for their special day.

What we did.
Our team at Blue Whale Media created a new website for Liverpool Dance Parties; the new website has a bespoke colour scheme which matches the company logo and will strengthen its brand identity. Our team created a very unique design with bright, bold colours that run throughout the website; customised graphics have also been included to surround the cursive text. The benefit of incorporating unique elements will help the brand stand out from the competition within the industry.

The graphics team expanded on the fun and exciting colours that link with the nature of the business and the industry; adding triangles, splatters and circles will increase the visual appeal and energy of the website. We also added secondary text with elements around the text to support the fun and active theme of Liverpool Dance Parties’ website.

The website development team also added background videos and hover animations throughout the website pages that enhance the interactivity and user engagement within the website. We also included a custom testimonial slider on the homepage, strengthening the company’s credibility and ensuring potential customers can see previous client reviews before booking a dance party.

The content writing team at Blue Whale Media wrote a blog about Liverpool Dance Parties which enhances their professionality and provides more information about the company’s services. The blog includes keywords for SEO purposes; this will help the website rank highly on search engines for hen parties in Liverpool.

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Launch Date: 11.05.22