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Matthew Revell-Griffiths


Matthew Revell-Griffiths Limited is a theatre and stage production company, they aim to take the stress out of your business or production and help you manage your entertainment venture effectively.

What We Did.
Our website design team created a new website for Matthew Revell-Griffiths, it is now easy to navigate for web users as well as being engaging. The website is modern and has a light-on-dark colour scheme, we only used two fonts throughout the typography as not distract from the important information within the pages of the website.

Matthew Revell-Griffiths’ website was created to be interactive and immersive and represent the creative and artistic nature of their business.

Within the website, we also included background graphics and animations throughout the website pages. Hover and page animations have been used to engage web users when the cursor is moved across the webpage.

Biggest Change.
When creating the new Matthew Revell-Griffiths website, we wanted to ensure that the business’ nature was fully represented within the design. This was a big change for the company as the whole layout of the site was transformed to suit the desired look. Moving forward, this will allow the business to present a more consistent look online.

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Launch Date: 09:06:20