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On Site Services Commercial


On-Site Services Commercial (OSS CBM & PM) was established in 1985, offering reactive building maintenance to the commercial and retail sectors.

The OSS team approached the team at Blue Whale Media to create a new website for the reactive maintenance side of their corporation. The new website has been designed and developed cohesively with their current brand guidelines; the graphics team have also used icons that reinforce the text on each website page. This helps to give website viewers a preview of what is to come before they continue reading. Multiple contact forms are included within different website pages; for example, the vacancies page has the option to upload CV documents, which was a specific requirement from the client.

In terms of functionality, we created a client project page for OSS, allowing them to showcase their most recent projects. To do this, we have to build the page with a WP Query; this also helped to make it easy for the client to update this page by adding a new project post, filling out text and adding images.

Our video production team created a corporate overview video that would showcase their company and their work; we combined a selection of stock footage from the client and images from their projects. We worked in collaboration with the OSS team to tailor the video to their needs, ensuring that it included correct text to inform their viewers of the work they undertake and the industries they work within. The video was then featured on their website, allowing them to enhance the interactivity for their website viewers.

Category: brochure

Launch Date: 10.06.22