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The Loft Storage Company.


Based in Warrington, The Loft Storage Company have years of experience within the industry and provide a dedicated service to hundreds of customers across the North West. The Loft Storage Company team is run by Dean, who has been working within the industry for over ten years and has spent years working on many loft storage projects.

What We Did.

For The Loft Storage Company, we started with designing them a new logo, the new logo is a massive upgrade from the previous logo which was outdated. Now their logo will give the brand and business more credibility and help them gain more customers and new business. The colour scheme we used in the logo has also been used throughout the website design too, this is to create cohesion and ensure that the company’s brand identity is enhanced.

The homepage of the website design has some interesting features, including a Sliding Accordion, this shows off the services that Loft Storage offer and provides users with information on those services. Also when web users hover over the grid which details information about their services, an animation will show further information, this is a unique way to give information to users, without having to display lots of text.

The use of multiple contact forms across the site, ensures people are easily able to contact the Loft Storage Company, this will make the user experience better and potentially earn them more business. To help with the credibility of the company we have included a testimonials slider, which is shown on most pages. It is more convenient than using one page to display testimonials and can be used as a way of telling users why they should use The Loft Storage Company. It fits the design of the site and doesn’t take up too much space but still allows users to see lots of testimonials

The content within the website has been bespokely created by our contact team, they conducted market research to see what other service provider companies are doing and how they are presenting their business. Each page has multiple calls to action ensuring that viewers are converted to customers, the content is well laid out and easily readable for those who need to find information quickly. The website has also been optimised for SEO purposes, meaning the company should now start ranking higher on search engines like Google or Bing.

Biggest Change.

The new website for Fitzpatrick Photography is the perfect solution for the company to really showcase their services and what they have to offer. There have been many new elements implemented into the website but the most standout features have to be the bespoke design created by our in house graphic designers.

We were able to add some exciting elements to this website such as the stripe lines in the background. This adds a great subtle effect to the background that attracts users to the site but it doesn’t distract them from the content. The new branding design incorporates a colour scheme that enhances the user experience of the website. The bold colour scheme is unique to The Loft Storage Company which creates a recognisable appearance for the company.

We also included a unique animation number scroll. We chose to display the statistics in a more fun and engaging way rather than as a static block of information. We decided to have this feature as it draws the user’s attention to the information. This will also help the user to digest the content displayed on the screen.

The new beautiful look of this website will help to keep users engaged throughout, resulting in more successful enquiries.

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Launch Date: 13.6.22