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The Nutrition Guys.


The Nutrition Guys have their own professional kitchen, delivery drivers and a whole team including Sam’s two oldest brothers (Jacob & Ben). They are helping more people eat easy, healthy and delicious meals every day!

What We Did.

The Nutrition Guys new website has a new bold design that is unique to the industry, the colour scheme is vibrant but ties into the company logo and branding well creating cohesion across the website.

The website is also an ecommerce site, we have included a unique design on the ‘shop page’, to simplify the checkout process we have added the basket on the shop page. When a user adds a product it will refresh the page and show that particular product as added to the basket. There is also the option to showcase a specific set of meals on different weeks, which is included within a homepage slider and on the shop page. We have also added a ‘Refer a Friend’ feature, which will allow customers to refer The Nutrition Guys to their friends or family members and promote healthy and quick meal preparation.

In terms of functionality, the web development team has added a live chat feature that enables a web user or customer to contact the company directly, improving the overall user experience. Our team have also included a custom mobile menu to help with the interactivity and engagement of the website on a mobile device. Engagement is a major factor, so to increase this within the Nutrition Guys website we added Hover Animations on the buttons throughout the website.

Biggest Change.

The new website for The Nutrition Guys is the perfect solution for the company to really showcase their products and services. There have been many new elements implemented into the website but the standout elements have to be the “live chat” feature. This means clients can receive real-time assistance when visiting the website, overall improving the customer relationship. The UX as a whole has been ameliorated by the new website functionality. The unique design of the shop page includes an on-page basket feature which means the customer can see an updated basket without leaving the page. The hover animation on the buttons creates more engagement for the user which can reduce the bounce rate of the website. Moving forward, this will help the company keep customers engaged and therefore follow up in successful leads.

Category: ecommerce

Launch Date: 13.6.22