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Trafalgar Foods


Trafalgar foods currently offer a professional service to both suppliers and customers who are seeking to expand their respective export or import trade; they are a family company specialising in quality Food and Drink Products.

What We Did.
Our whole team at Blue Whale Media was involved in the creation of the Trafalgar Foods website. Their new website is a mixture of a brochure and an eCommerce website, allowing them to showcase the products they provide perfectly. The website has a new bold design that is unique to the industry, the colour scheme is vibrant but ties into the company logo and branding well creating cohesion across the website.

Our team included an owl carousel on the homepage which shows the different brand that they work with; we also used skew elements which create a unique look to the website when showcasing products. With background graphic elements, hover and page elements within the website design to enhance the engagement of their target audience.

Biggest Change.
There were many new features added to Trafalgar Foods’ website in order to make their stance online and build up their professional profile. One of the more noticeable changes was the bold re-design of the website. The use of background graphic elements with page and hover animations helps keep website users engaged with the information being presented, resulting in a potential increase in sales and revenue.

Category: brochurepremium

Launch Date: 09:04:2021