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Web Developer London is a progressive and dynamic London based website design and development service. We develop both front and back end web applications.

What We Did.
Our team designed and developed a new Website for Web Developer London, the new design is cohesive with the new logo we created for the company. Our design team created a logo with coding in mind, this being at the heart of what they do, the two chevrons within the logo are a hint to the opening and closing line of code. By suiting the logo to the services they offer, the company is able to showcase their brand with more than just a website, it also enhances their overall credibility.

The unique design of the website includes elements such as the long scroll mock-up images and get in touch CTA scroll, which has been used to incorporate more of a fresh feel to the website design. This will benefit the client as it will hopefully encourage interactions on the website, but it also allows for a more seamless user experience.

The long scroll mockups of websites they have created are a key feature of the designs, they are unique and tell the user exactly what the company does. The main aim of the new website design for Web Developer London was to showcase how they build fully functional beautiful websites. Highly detailed icons have been used to help the user understand what WDL does more clearly, with an added emoji feature on the contact form, this increases the level of hyper-modern web design which is just a little more interactive for the user.

Biggest Change.
The new website for Web Developer London is the perfect solution for the company to really establish their brand identity. There have been many changes to the website. However, the most exciting features include the new branding that has been implemented into the website. We introduced a new yellow and dark blue colour scheme across the website. This allows us to create cohesive branding across all the pages for a more professional and reputable appearance.

We decided to include hover animation throughout the website. This enhances the user interactivity across the pages as it creates more engaging elements. Including these playful features allows for the users to interact more with the website, resulting in them exploring the content further.

We have also included WP Querys throughout the site which allows the website owner to add in any portfolios or blogs without interfering with the styling of the website. This makes it easy for content to be uploaded while maintaining the branding appearance throughout the website.

In the future, this will help the company keep customers engaged and therefore follow up on successful leads.

Category: brochure

Launch Date: 13.6.22