Pick the right style for your web design to fit your business

Website styles to match your business

Just like we have different outfits for diverse occasions, there are various options for website styles. Nowadays, you can choose a website style based on the type of business. Selecting the right website style that complements your business type can sometimes be overwhelming, given that several different website styles are available. As such, our Chester-based web design agency would like to list some of the popular website styles in this blog.

Why Choose a Good Website Style?

We are living in an age when competition among digital marketing companies is at the highest rampant. Merely building your website using conventional methods would not keep you above your competitors.

If you want your business to stand out among others, you will need to build a website that will appeal not only to your customers but also to the potential audience. It is where choosing the right website style that matches your business type comes into play. Many business companies spend a significant amount of resources and time selecting the best website styles. By choosing the right website style for your business, you can capture your audience’s attention, thereby helping you to flourish your business.

Different Types of Website Styles

It would help if you first decide on a particular layout that will be suitable for your website and visitors before choosing a website style. When it comes to website styles, there are two basic kinds of layouts, namely, static page layout and responsive website layout. The former is the most basic form of layouts used for creating websites before introducing the Smartphone, while the latter is more robust layouts. Following are some different types of website styles:

Cartoons and Illustrations

Cartoons and illustrations are one of the best creative methods of conveying a message on your website. It can bring your website design to life, thereby adding more personality to your brand. If grabbing the attention of users is what your business aims at, you should consider this style for your website.  


Transparency website style comes in handy when it is equally crucial to display both message and image to the viewers. This type of website style allows you to make your texts and images more readable and visible when you use them simultaneously. By using this website style, you can insert pictures behind the texts.

Brand Colors

Brand colors play a critical role when it comes to getting the attention of people. The reason is that colors create psychological effects on the viewers. For instance, red stands for love or anger, while yellow stands for positivity and motivation. A notable institution that uses this website style is the financial industry. You can also use this website style to gain the attention and trust of your users.


If you are struggling to convey complex messages to your audience, consider this website style for your business. Using an animation website style will be able to communicate complicated messages more engagingly and interestingly.


These are some of the popular website styles and are by no means exhaustive. Choosing the one that fits your business can be highly subjective as websites differ from one company to another. On the other hand, deciding a website style for your business requires studying and understanding your audience. As such, we recommend hiring web design professionals who can help you in these aspects.