Why Should You Use Motion Graphics Design on a Website?

In this blog I am going to attempt to explain why using motion graphics design can really benefit your website. Here at Blue Whale Media, we use motion graphics design on our website and it works effectively by increasing user engagement and therefore boosting SEO rankings. This blog will persuade you to make sure that your awesome value proposition is understood loud and clear by potential customers.

Helps Visualize Important Information

Adding motion to your infographics provides a really effective way to share information in an easily digestible format. As most people are visual learners, integrating information into a video can bring an even greater impact. Using videos enables you to place an emphasis on the items that are the most importance. Using custom graphics to provide a moving bit of information sets you apart from other websites and keeps people interested.

Make Big Announcements

If you are looking to catch the eyes of a potential client or an existing client to inform them of a large announcement you are having such as a giveaway, look no further than motion graphics! By using motion graphics to make your big reveal something that people will not want to miss. While the text and subject matter remains the most important part, a smart use of video will draw the attention of visitors to your content.


Sometimes it is easier to show somebody something that is really complex to explain in words. This is particularly true when it comes to complex subjects such as science or engineering. Using motion graphics here can help provide users with a better understanding of a topic without taking up too much of their time. An example of where motion graphics can play a vital role is in the medical field as some of the things can be a bit wordy. Once people gain an initial understanding, they can dig deeper for more information.

Element of Fun

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of fun to your website. The idea of using motion graphics is to draw attention to your website and sometimes that can be as easy as making people smile using a bit of entertainment. Things like product demos, videos blogs and presentations are an array of motion graphics elements that can help to brighten your website. This is because people prefer to be fed information visually rather than have to read all of the information themselves because as previously stated, everyone is a visual learner and therefore learns by watching.


This is the ultimate end goal of any website. To have high engagement is the best possible way of having the phone ring for a business. The longer that people stay on your website, the more Google will recognise you as a company and boosts your Search Engine Optimisation rankings, making you appear higher up on the first Google page.

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