Our guide on what landing pages are and why your website should use landing pages.

What Are Landing Pages And How Do They Work?

A page modeled to convert the visitors into leads is a landing page. The main target of such a page is to generate leads, and the visitor’s decision affects the conversion rate. You can expect your viewers to provide their contact details or tell you their interest fields by submitting forms. It is a page entirely dedicated to marketing or advertisement. 

Many people confuse the homepage with being the landing page. However, a landing page consists of specific details about offers for particular services or products with clear headlines. It calls for action. A home or web page consists of blended information giving readers the option to choose and explore. If home pages were a list of humans, a landing page is a man with a ring waiting for your decision. That is where the difference is.

What makes a good landing page?

A good landing page ensures that it is worth giving out personal information for the reward. It does not distract the prospects with vague information and give a straight focus on the offer alone. A landing page should not be promoting the deeds and glory of the company but narrowed down to the goal alone. Also, it should not be time-consuming with complicated steps in the form. Remember to thank your prospects for taking the time to fill up their details. It politely ensures them that they have successfully completed the procedure.

Why you should use landing pages

Got new products or services that you want to promote? Well, landing pages does the job well. While advertisements in any other form will create awareness, you want to make sure the interested people reach out to you. 

How does a landing page work?

For instance, a person searched for information about current happenings. He clicks on a result, and that page asks him if he wants an e-book, free trial, or webinar. He fills up the form mentioning his contact details because he feels it is worth it. The person is a potential lead who might as well want to purchase the product the website is offering. He gave his details; he is now converted into a lead whom the executives can contact anytime. 

The Offer:

First thing first, the purpose of your landing page is for marketing or an advertisement campaign. There must be something you want to offer to the audience out there. Your offers are to target the promotion of your products and services like an e-book, webinar, or anything that helps. E-books or guides help educates your visitors who are curious to discover what they actually need.

Some people know what their area of needing solution is or where they need opportunity. For such people, you can provide them a journal or enrich them with comparisons through your content. When they already know what they need and are searching for the right choice, giving product information can help. You can also provide demos of your products or services, which can help them come to a conclusion.

Developing a new landing page

  • Headline: The headline is the most potent line that can retain the readers from going away. Make it crisp, clear, and tempting. You want them to go ahead and see what you have in store for them.
  • The Offer description:  Start describing what you are giving out and why they should sign up for it. After the brief description, make a list of what they can expect if they download or sign up.
  • The Form: prepare a form that can get you the viewers’ details such as email or phone number, sex, company, and so on. Make sure to keep it brief. You don’t want to tire out your prospect; they are not getting paid for filling up the form. 
  • Image and Sharing Icons: Including eye-catching image spices up the page. A pretty image minimises boredom. Adding icons that let users share on various other platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc., helps in the promotion.

Promoting a landing page

Now that you have put together what is required, you will want people to start viewing your page and taking action. Henceforth, adding a CTA button will help you ask your viewers for activities directly and clearly. It can be placed either above the fold or at the end of the page. You can insert the CTA on sites and pages that talk about similar products, services, and supports your offer. 

Find out if your target audience is on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can promote your landing page on those platforms where your target audiences are in abundance.

Once you have followed all these steps and have promoted the page wherever seems important, analyse your offer performance. Compare which landing page of yours is doing better than which. Try finding out what is more happily received and which type is not doing well. With continuous practice and improvement, landing pages will be your go-to tool for any marketing campaign. 

It Is not necessarily a rule that you maintain just a single landing page for an offer. You can keep multiple landing pages targeting specific audiences for each page.

A quick tip to keep in mind

Many mobile phone users do not really resort to their laptops or PCs much.  People prefer browsing about things from the comfort of their bed, sofas, or even while taking slow evening walks. Creating your landing page that is friendly to mobile phone users can increase participation to a great extent. 


While business websites play their own role in providing information to consumers, landing pages has their own plus points. They set a target, decide on the specific offer and directly support that goal. This helps the users to save time and get what they want without distractions. This builds credibility since you are delivering solutions without bothering them. Since landing pages involves promotion, it reaches out to many consumers. Therefore, it creates extensive awareness about your business and brand as well. 

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