What are the benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing

We all sometimes wonder why it is better to outsource. Us here at Blue Whale Media Ltd also think about this for our marketing. Over the past seven years, we have grown the company so that we now have a minimum of two members of staff in every department. But you are probably thinking “why does that matter” well there are several reasons that we have actioned this growth but these are the same reasons that make it better for our customers to outsource their marketing to us.

Annual Leave

Putting it bluntly this becomes our problem and not yours. Just to cover the basics if you stop your marketing online, even for a short time it case harm your Google presence. So if you have internal staff that are writing blogs, social media statuses & marketing, preparing email marketing mailshots and following it all up, then you can’t afford for this to stop just because someone is on holiday for two weeks. Well if you pass the tasks onto another company, then that becomes their problem, and your marketing tasks won’t be effected because of annual leave.

Expert Advice

The benefit of working with a marketing agency is that they have a work force full of specialists. Whereas you would have to employ several members of staff to get the same service. Here at Blue Whale Media Ltd, we have highly qualified content writers, Digital Marketers, Graphic Designers and account managers. This means that you can do a pick & mix of all their expert knowledge for your marketing campaigns.

A different perspective

The best bit about a marketing agency, especially Blue Whale Media Ltd, is that we don’t sit in your business. So, if you are trying a form of marketing that we don’t understand then neither will your perspective clients. The problem with internal staff is that they do have an understanding of your business. This can mean that they don’t have a buyers perspective when it comes to your marketing.

Return on Investment

We all know that sometimes with internal staff the focus can slip and they can become complacent as it is harder to move on from them. However, with an agency they can be replaced. So they will work harder to ensure that doesn’t happen and will keep on top of ensuring you are getting a return on your investment with them.

Up to date

So as much as my staff probably hate me for it, training is the number one priority at Blue Whale Media Ltd. No member of staff is ever not going through training. While this is extremely costly to the business, it ensures that our customers always get an up to date and relevant service. If you’re the employer, then this cost and training time become your problem. It also isn’t just the cost or your employees time; it’s ensuring that the training they are undertaking is the correct one. On top of this, you run the risk of investing than your employee leaving and you having to start again.

Past Experience

The great aspect of working with a digital marketing agency is that they have been there done that. With most digital marketing agencies, you won’t be the only company in the sector that that agency is working for. Much to the contra of what people think about that, it gives an agency the experience within your industry without making you pay for trail marketing strategies. This stops you spending money testing a marketing plan for your sector.

To conclude

While hiring an internal marketing executive may seem the more cost-effective option, in the long term it can cause you more expense and result in you having to invest more of your own time. Give us a call today and see how Blue Whale Media Ltd can help you on 01925 552050.

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