Why do you need to relax? All you do is sit at a computer…

Very valid question, to which I answer with, it is NOT just sitting behind a computer. Being a designer takes a lot of creativity and although there are no physical demands for this, the mental demands can be extremely intense, especially as a motion designer! Figuring out the best way to get from one scene to another, which parts of the image should be moving and how to make them move, all this after creating the graphic in the first place. As well as doing this 9-5, I also work in a pub from 6-12 as soon as I get home, therefore when I get time to relax, it is crucial that I do so.

Playing Video Games

Believe it or not, after spending an entire day on a computer, I still enjoy playing video games! It’s how I started my career and I love playing them. It all started with Call of Duty, the online first-person shooter, however when the developers decided to ruin that game I switched to Rocket League, I have been playing this solid for about 2 years now and I’d say I’m pretty good at it! I tried to get on the Fortnite hype-train, but I couldn’t really get into it…

Spend Time with My Girlfriend

Yes, us computer nerds can have relationships, shocking, I know. My girlfriend Millie and I tend to spend every minute I have spare together, seeing each other Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We are pretty much inseparable.


An odd one, understandably… However, it’s a way I’ve made a lot over the years and it does take a lot of research and some good luck. I love my horse racing and it’s something I’ve spent years researching and following so I tend to know what will be there or thereabouts at the finish line. I do enjoy going to the races, Haydock because it’s on the same street as me.

Watching Sport

If you have read my profile, you’d know I am a giant Manchester United fan. However, I am a massive football and rugby fan following the mighty Wigan Warriors also. I spend my weekends watching almost every game on TV and that includes the racing as well. I almost feel sorry for my girlfriend, even more so when the boxing is on as well.


Probably the biggest one, definitely the worst one. I like to go out to the pub on a weekend and have a good dozen pints. It’s something I enjoy doing as it’s where I work, 6 doors down from my house and it’s where all of my friends are. It’s something that I’m well trained at and proficient in, as Blue Whale quickly found out within the first few weeks of hiring me, Lewis in particular. I mainly drink cider however I have been known to fancy the odd pink gin with pink lemonade.

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