What Elements Are Needed On Product Pages?

It is important to have the correct elements on product pages of an eCommerce site. These elements need to encourage conversions, to increase sales. A well designed product page is the best way to convince visitors to become buyers, which is why product page design is essential.

What Elements Are Needed On Product Pages?

Product Images

Customers will be looking for a product on your eCommerce website, so you need to show them images as soon as they visit your product page. You should make sure that your images are visually appealing, this will give the products the sense of being higher value. This will encourage visitors to make a purchase. If the quality of an image is poor, then this will put customers off buying from your site. It is also important to make your images zoomable, this makes sure that customers can see the images better and see more detail in the images. This also is beneficial to customers viewing your site from mobile devices. Your images should be the main focus of your product page, as this is what customers want to see.


Not all eCommerce sites use videos on their product pages, but it might be a good idea to include them on yours. Videos can focus on functional parts of products that images can’t show. For stores that sell products with complicated moving parts you could have an explanation video. Other types of eCommerce sites could include how-to videos that relate to their product. Videos of products can be one way for you to convince customers to make that purchase.

Product Titles

The product titles are good ways of telling your audience what a product is. You should make sure not to include too much information in the title, leave that for the description. These titles should be interesting enough to encourage shoppers to make a purchase. A good product title will be straightforward, but contain enough detail for visitors to know what the product is. It is up to the Manchester web designer where to put the product titles. They should be noticeable without taking up too much space.

Product Description

Product descriptions are an important way of giving enough detail to customers, which images can not show. A product description should give enough detail to answer most questions a customer might have about it. It should be clear enough for a customer to be confident in what they are buying. If it does not have enough detail then they will be less likely to convert. You should include information like size, dimensions, fabric type, care of the item etc. When writing the content for the description you should keep the target audience in mind, using the right tone and language.

Product Reviews

Reviews on a product page are another important feature which should be given a suitable amount of space. This feature is one that many customers look for before they go through with a purchase. It is another way which influences whether a customer chooses to buy the product or not. Customer reviews will complement the product description, and previous purchasers will provide a different perspective of your product. eCommerce owners should be encouraging product reviews from the time that they start their store, this is so that they can use them to encourage future sales.

Update When Necessary

Over time, descriptions, photos, videos and other information can be changed and improved. eCommerce store owners have information on their sites that is less fixed, meaning that these improvements will be easy to make. To do this, store owners should take note of any customer interactions they have to provide future customers with answers and information that previously was not available. For example, if a store owner sees a question asked frequently about a specific product then this shows them that this information is missing from that products description. A quick amendment to it would reduce the amount of repetitive questions asked by shoppers, and allow store owners and employees to spend their time on other proactive tasks. 

Product pages are often the best chance of a sale being made, which is why it is essential that they are well done and kept up to date. When a shopper has reached a product page then store owners need to have the right kind of information on display. This varies from product titles and descriptions to photos and videos. This will all maximise their chance of a conversion.