What I have learnt so far at Blue Whale Media

If you keep up with my blogs, then you probably already know I have had two job roles here at Blue Whale Media. I originally began my career path as an Account Manager but then I moved into my current role as a Sales Executive. Even though I have worked in two departments I have learned so much more. The Blue Whale team is very close, so you learn bits about everything here and there.


In my Account Manager role, I was part of the Admin Team. I was taught how to use all the software and databases relevant to that role. I also learnt smaller things like how to compose a professional email or speak with a friendly but professional manner when on the phone. I was in this position within the company for around five months, along the way I had a detailed insight into a project build process as well as what is needed to create one.


I moved into this role as the co-owners / Managing Director and Operations Director decided I was more fitted to that role. Every now and then I do still help the admin team as I have past experience but the majority of the time I can be found on the phone to new potential clients. I have learnt lots including how to communicate more effectively and how to perform a website review/audit.


As mentioned earlier I am currently being trained in customer service on my apprenticeship, but I have also taken a whole lot more. I have attended in-house training giving me information on brochure websites. This has reiterated the knowledge I already had. When I went to the E-commerce training, I discovered things I never knew before such as how products are created. Gary, the MD, has given me a little training in website marketing overwise known as SEO (search engine optimisation). My proudest achievements were completing my fire training and first aid training.

Online Courses

My first online course was in GDPR. I took this at the beginning of April when I started as Blue Whale Media. They believe that keeping their staffs’ training up to date is important as clients sometimes depend on our knowledge so that their business can run smoothly. As well as GDPR I have taken courses in minute taking, cybersecurity and customer service

What I hope to learn

I hope to learn more about the industry and the service we provide. Although I believe knowing a little about a lot is great and gives me an advantage in the industry. I am invested in my learning and aim to be knowledgeable in all sectors of the business. The more insight that I gain will only make me stronger in my sales role. I also want to be a better salesman. Currently, I am what is known as an appointment maker although I am beginning to move forward into a fuller sales position.

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