What is a brand voice and how to create one successfully?

What is a brand voice and how to create one successfully?

It is a known fact that customers and clients prefer brands with strong and unique personalities. What do memorable content, a unique personality and compelling storytelling have in common? A brand voice.

Inconsistent brand experience is more common as an organisation grows in size, especially as they need more resources when undergoing the brand’s content-creation mix.

At Blue Whale Media, when our content writers work on rewriting and enhancing website content, they enter the brand’s persona or company they are writing for. Here’s how and why our content writers improve content with a brand voice.

What is a brand voice?

A brand voice is a personality your brand takes on in all of its communications. Brand voice is a critical factor for creating consistency across all communication channels regardless of who is writing or creating the content. Brands with a strong voice will sound the same on social media, email communications, and blog posts, even when different people create content for those channels. A good brand voice makes your brand stand out from the noise and helps consumers remember and relate to your brand, in turn, and over time this creates stronger brand loyalty. 

How do you develop a brand voice?

The first step to developing your brand voice is to assert your core brand identity by establishing your vision, mission and values. This helps to highlight the aspects of your business that allow you to stand out among your competitors. Consider the mood you want your website content to elicit and how you want your brand to be perceived. It will be the overall description that will lead to the tone of all the content you create for your brand. Avenues that allow you to express your brand include, but aren’t limited to, emails, written and visual website content, press releases, product packaging and social media platforms. 

Why does brand voice matter? 

Ultimately a question you might ask yourself is why you should care about your brand voice? Well, the digital landscape is crowded; it’s filled with chatter from brands and companies alike. You can only stand out so much with the use of your visual content, logo or product features alone. Your website content needs the same attention and consistency you give other elements of your brand presence. In a recent study, consumers reviewed brands and why some stood out more than others: 

  • 40% said memorable content 
  • 33% said distinct personality 
  • 32% said compelling storytelling 

In all three aspects, brand voice plays a significant role; you can’t have a distinct personality without a distinctive brand voice. 

Creating a successful brand voice is all about establishing a tone that speaks directly to your consumers and builds a robust community. Your brand voice is the personal and honest tone that keeps your customer base happy and connected. Keep in mind that consistency is vital, but should you require help, why not get in touch with the experts at Blue Whale Media?