What is a domain name and how do domains work?

If you are a beginner to buying a domain name for the first time you may not understand much about what one is other than to make a website you need a domain name.

A domain name is the address of your website which people will type in to be directed to your site. Every computer is assigned an IP address these are numbers specifically for each computer which identifies when a pacific computer is on the internet. IP addresses aren’t easy to remember this is where domain names were invented to make each website easier to remember and get to.

Domain Name System (DNS)

When a domain name is entered into a browser it will send a request to a network of servers they then for a domain name system (DNS), all the servers will look up with the name associated to the domain name and forward a request to those name servers.

The name servers are managed by your hosting company, your hosting company will send the request to your computer where the website is stored. The computer now known as the web server will now be able to complete the request and send you to the web page with all the information that is linked to it.

Domain Names

A domain name is a name that you would have chosen for your new website and then brought, the company you brought the domain name from would be the hosting of this website. You would need both a domain and web hosting to be able to create a website. Purchasing a domain name and web hosting are classed as two different services so these can be bought from two different companies if you wish so. If you are using two different companies for a domain and web hosting you would need to give the new web hosting company your name server information to be able to host your domain name.

Top Level Domain (TLD)

All domain names are available in different extensions although the main two are .com and .co.uk there are others such as .org, .net. When you are searching for a domain name you will be able to choose the extension which is available at the time. Thousands of domain names are brought daily which does make it a little difficult to find the exact name you want but similar ones will be available if the exact same isn’t. When thinking about buying a domain name its best to keep it simple and easy to remember, keeping it short and easy to spell will also help. Having a domain name that is simple will help with interaction as this will stick in customers minds.

How to buy a domain name

It is always best to shop around when you are looking for a domain, have a look at costs and the ongoing costs to keep this domain in the future. There are plenty of sites around that sell domain names and if you want a pacific domain having a shop around may help you find the one you are looking for. Once you have found the right domain for you and you have bought it you will be on the right path to start your own website.

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