What is A Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a procedure or a set of steps that a customer is required to take before arriving at a conversion. A conversion is an action that customers take or response they give when they visit your website. For instance, in an online sales store, there are a few steps that a prospective buyer has to take before a purchase. The process involves a visit to the online store website, they view the product of interest, and they add it to the cart and then make a purchase. Web designers Warrington is a team of experts who are experienced in setting up as such.

Other additional actions such as online store profiles and contacts are found between the primary but are not necessary for the funnel. The procedure is named a funnel because at its initial stages (visiting) many people are interested and take the first step. As the process continues, some people drop out, and the crowd narrows down. According to web designers Warrington, only interested buyers will move down the funnel so when you are told to ‘widen the funnel’, it means that you broaden your advertising tactics to catch new customers and create brand awareness.

Monitoring Customer Flow

Funnels are not only used for signing up and purchasing but have several uses such as monitoring the flow of customers to a particular website, tracking newsletter signups and simple page sign-ups. Whatever action you want visitors to take on your site, create a funnel for it.

Cultivate a Good Seller- Buyer Relationship

Funnels are an efficient way to obtain progress reports. Significant roadblocks that make you lose customers are easily identifiable thus you can take the necessary action to eliminate them. A funnel is divided into three parts namely, TOFU (top of the funnel), MOFU (middle of the funnel or Mc Donald’s) and BOFU (bottom of the funnel). All these parts are essential if you want your visitors to arrive at a conversion point with the help of web designers Warrington.

At the TOFU, there are many unskilled prospects thus your primary goal should be to provide essential guidelines on how to proceed further down the funnel, qualify and turn them into experienced and polished buyers. This is achieved through the use of creative content by web designers Warrington to help visitors solve a problem or meet a particular need. Create brand awareness using blogs that consist of keyword- rich content that is correctly optimized for search engines. Ensure that your blog is accessible by placing it where there is a lot of traffic.

The McDonald is Middle of the funnel and it is the most critical part as it helps convert visitors into prospects and differentiate good and bad leads. At this stage, the prospects are aware of their problem and are looking for a way to solve it. They are more committed to buying than the others, and so your likelihood of entering into a transaction with them is high. The content you offer or get from web designers Warrington will provide the necessary leads and open up communication with your sales team.

The BOFU part is necessary for transforming your prospects into actual customers. Give information that assists prospects to know where to buy goods and services. This is the perfect stage to make offers such as free trials, appointments and coupons. Avail many incentives to trigger colossal conversion rates. Also, work closely with web designers Warrington for professional guidance.

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