What Is a Website Audit?

A website audit is an effective way of assessing your website for SEO purposes. They determine website criteria that include duplicated Content, broken links, slow page speed and other factors that may cause your website to be penalised in SEO rankings. Website audits are a fast way of telling you where you might be going wrong on your current pages and highlights improvement areas.

At Blue Whale Media, we run a website audit because they are essential to improve the website’s efficiency and visibility. Audits can improve Google search ranking while increasing site traffic and performance, as well as presenting your business with an exceptional opportunity for growth online.

Why Audit Your Website?

Running an audit on your website is a great way to analyze and track your website’s current performance. The team at Blue Whale Media assess areas that impact your current search engine ranking and then highlight areas of improvement; then, we can work together to fix them. We can show where you may be able to optimise further, improve your site, and identify issues that could damage your site’s health.

What is covered by a Website Audit?

Website Audits Wilmslow covers several areas of concern that may have potentially adverse effects on your website’s SEO rankings.

  • Searches for duplicate Content

When it comes to SEO, Content, as Google claimed, is ‘king.’ Duplication of Content can result in heavy penalisation by search engines. We highlight where Content may have been duplicated to avoid this.

  • Identifies slow page speed

Your website may face penalisation due to slow loading pages; we pick up on these kinds of pages during our audit.

  • Finds missing tags

Our audit Wilmslow picks up any and every missing title tag included within your website.

  • Low word count

Gone are the days of short and sweet Content, boosting your SEO. Our audit analyses your current Content for word count and highlights areas for improvement.

  • Broken Links

Broken or spam links present on your website can have very negative implications for your website’s SEO ranking. Our audit Wilmslow checks the genuine nature of your links and highlights any that need amending.

A Blue Whale Media Website Audit, what we do?

A Website audit is all about identifying and improve the shortcomings of your website. We gather the information that is through highly sophisticated, website auditing software. Our staff receives specialist training in the various software packages and tools that we use; this results in highly accurate readings.

Our social media experts and website auditors work together to analyse your organisation’s social media pages for criteria. Our social media experts can advise you on what to do going forward.

Our Wilmslow Website Audit team uses Google Analytics and other software packages to monitor the effectiveness of on and off-page SEO. Once we have identified your problems, we can monitor your performance.

Once we’ve gathered the relevant information about your website from the audit, our in house marketing team will tailor a marketing strategy fit to your specific needs. We help design and implement every stage of this plan.

We also condense website information into reports compiled exclusively for our client’s viewing. These reports can be done one-off or continuously to track a website’s progression.

Our audit Wilmslow identifies where your brand is mentioned by name logo or any other form of identifying factor.

Who Needs Website Audit?

Small or big, every business needs a website and if your company has a website, you should consider doing it every three months. A website audit can spot problems and can increase your site conversion rate. So. if you see a drop in your website traffic, conversion rate, or ROI, then undertaking a website audit is a must.

A good website audit can work to your advantage as well as helping your business to continue to grow in terms of traffic, page ranking, sales, and leads.

What Can A Successful Web Audit Do For You?

A website audit will give a business a great starting point to improve their online presence.

Once the suggestions have been implemented, your business will begin to see a positive impact in terms of online business.

Regular website audits keep businesses agile and aligned with Google’s best practices. If you would like more information, please contact our team at Blue Whale Media today.