What is an SEO executive and what do they do?

What Is An SEO Executive?

There are two types of SEO Executives: an in-house executive and an agency executive. An in-house SEO executive can be apart of any company that wishes to improve their online presence in the search engines and is usually just concerned with a single website or brand. An agency SEO executive will work for a dedicated SEO company in Manchester where other companies will outsource their SEO work to. An agency executive will most likely deal with various different clients and websites, although the work they do on each will depend on the business model.

Job Description

If someone is looking for a job as an SEO executive, they will quickly find that the job description can vary company-to-company. Some companies may want an SEO executive that can provide the full package of link building, on-page abilities and technical knowledge. Other companies may only be looking for an SEO executive dedicated to the website’s on-page optimisations, or an executive dedicated to outreaching and building backlinks etc. Ultimately the job description for an SEO executive will depend on that company’s current needs.

Key Tasks

The key tasks for an SEO executive can vary and include different things. All the key SEO tasks can be split into three main categories:

  • On-page SEO: basic optimisations to the website itself such as meta descriptions, titles, image alt tags etc.
  • Off-page SEO: work that is not completed on the website itself such as link building, brand awareness, outreaching etc.
  • Technical SEO: technical aspects of on-page SEO such as website speed, servers, robots.txt/htaccess work etc.

The key tasks for an SEO executive include:

Website Audits

Regular website audits are a key part of SEO. Website audits can show how well optimised a website is and will expose any vulnerabilities or issues which can effect the SEO performance such as 404 errors, broken images, slow pages, duplicate content etc. A website audit allows the SEO executive to  gain a clear understanding of on-page and technical changes to make to a website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important task in any SEO campaign. It allows an SEO executive to gain an understanding of which keywords are best to target, which pages are most suited to target them with and what work needs completing to compete for these keywords.

Competitor Analysis

SEO is always evolving and changing for two reasons: search engines like Google are always updating their ranking factors/signals, and competitors are constantly updating their website to rank better as well. Competitor analysis is an important step to stay ahead of the competition. It will also allow an SEO executive to understand why a competitor is ranking for a keyword, allowing the executive to incorporate some of the competitor’s tactics in order to make their own website rank higher.

Planning & Executing SEO Strategies

The ultimate task for any SEO executive is to actually come up with and execute an SEO strategy. This is where consultants and executives differ: consultants can just do their research tasks and tell the clients what they think the should do, regardless of whether the work actually gets done. An executive has to do the research, come up with the recommendations and then actually execute them. This commonly involves working with other departments such as the website developers to make website changes and the content writers to get high-quality content written when necessary, such as for new pages or blogs. 


Well there we have it. We have identified what an SEO executive is, how they work and what tasks they will usually be performing.

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