What is Instagram TV and Can It Boost Your Business?

Instagram just hit a major mile stone of 1 Billion users! In celebration they created a brand new feature named Instagram TV or IGTV. This is their second video feature after Stories and is already being dubbed as YouTube’s rival. Why, you ask? Due to IGTV being the TV for modern mobile users, it’s similar to how YouTube works with content creators uploading onto the site.

However, now you can upload content onto the Instagram app directly, combining the use of ephemeral content (Content that is only available for a short amount of time, aka – Insta-Stories) and pictures all on the same app!

This is all well and good, I hear you say, but what does this mean for me and my business? Well, the new feature can actually help boost your own business, and here’s how.

It’ll Be Easy for Your Followers to Find Your Content

Rather than your audience trying to find your YouTube account, which due to its popularity might be hard to find if not going through a direct link, they’ll be able to easily access all of your content!

This means that you may find a boost in your views by using IGTV (although obviously, it’s not guaranteed) and you might even find that you get more interaction through an audience due to it be so easy to find.

Your Videos Will Be Permanent

Unlike Insta-stories, videos on IGTV will be permanent. Rather than disappearing after 24 hours, your hard work will be there forever! Or for however long you want of, of course.

Not only that, but your videos can be longer! Obviously, YouTube videos can usually be as long as you want, but with the added bonus of your audience being able to find your content a lot easier, this is a definite bonus.

There’s a Large Community That Will Potentially See Your Content

800 Million users are active on the app, meaning that there is a larger chance of your content being viewed by people outside your specific target audience and also all your followers.

You will get the opportunity to sell your product or service to a wider range of people, hopefully rising the amount of clicks you’ll get on your website or Instagram page.

Video Ideas for Your Business

Since Instagram is already so personable, with businesses being able to relate directly to their audiences, this is just another opportunity to further cement that bond you may have with them.

Videos such as introductions to your business and your products are a great way to visualise your ideas and how your business or service works, therefore creating a buzz around what it is you sell.

Other videos like interviews, Q&A’s and even exclusive content would be great to feature on your IGTV account, letting your audience see further in to your personality as a brand and even as a person.

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