What is jQuery and what is it used for?

What Is jQuery And What Is It Used For?

jQuery is a library based on Javascript that is pre-written code, which is a simplified version of javascript. What would normally take 3 lines of code, can potentially be written in a single line of code instead. If you are starting-out in coding, this may sound like using a shortcut, would it not be best to write your own code? In truth, for routine coding projects there is no need to re-invent the foundations. You wouldn’t manufacture your own bricks when building a wall, coding has the same principles. jQuery allows developers to add regular javascript features into a website efficiently, so that they can spend their time focused on adding more intricate features to a website instead.


The Difference between jQuery and Javascript

jQuery and JavaScript are often mentioned in tandem with one another. It may be confusing to separate the two as a result. It’s easy to remember the difference by reminding yourself that JavaScript is it’s own programming language, while jQuery is a library of pre-created JavaScript code and not it’s own programming language.

jQuery Plug-ins

jQuery is very useful for simplifying single functions. I can also be extend even more by using plugins, in order to make it even more powerful. These are collections of JavaScript code from the jQuery library that combine singular functions and create diverse website tools and features, without the need to hire a professional website developer to code it all from scratch.

Plugins are created from code in the jQuery library, which is then shared publicly online by jQuery users. Plugins can be found in a plethora of areas across the web, the official jQuery UI repository is considered high-quality, due to being adapted by the jQuery community’s professional participants. 

The resolution from learning about all these ways of jQuery is that it is a powerful tool that will make your coding skills vastly more effective as you wouldn’t be coding JavaScript completely from scratch.

jQuery also shows the community-driven aspect of coding. All of the plugins are created by individual developers that are finding ways to take advantage of  jQuery and JavaScript, who then share their findings with the rest of the community. 

As you continue to use these tools, your skills will improve, which will allow you to be able to contribute and give back to the community with your own outcomes and discoveries. If you are ready to embark on your journey seeing what jQuery has to offer, you can look into the Official jQuery  learning center community for some initial tutorials, tips and tricks.