What is SSL and why is it important?

One of the most vital parts of a successful business online is creating a secure and trusted setting for customer transactions. Any clients must feel like they are in a safe environment before handing over very sensitive data. Every effort must be made by the company and site holder to assure visitors and customers that their data is safe and protected. Every business that wishes to be successful online must cover all potential security threats and SSL acts as a preventative measure to ensure that data and sensitive information stays private. This is where SSL comes in.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it works by creating a secure channel between two communicating bodies that are connected by the internet or an internal server. The most common form is between a web server and a web browser. Installing an SSL ensures that any data shared between the server and the browser is encrypted and securely transferred between endpoints.

It is normal for data to be sent from end to end in plain text, which makes it vulnerable to hackers. If any data is breached and intercepted when being transferred from server to browser, it can be easily understood and used in a malicious manner. By using SSL, you can ensure that all sensitive data and information is encrypted. SSL is a security tactic that all online business owners should be investing in, to protect both their own and their customers’ interests and data.

SSL is especially important for any e-commerce websites. Confidential information like card/ bank account details and home addresses can all be compromised if your e-commerce is subject to an online attack. By using SSL, you can ensure that your customers feel secure. An SSL is often accompanied by a green padlock displayed in the HTML bar, assuring visitors to the site that it is an Extended Validation SSL secured website rather than a standard HTTP.

Why is SSL important for my website?

SSL should not be an afterthought for any website. So many transactions and important online interactions are done on a daily basis. Your security measures should reflect the growing number of online communications, and your users should feel reassured that their information and data is private.

SSL is also important for your businesses safety online. Your SSL certificate will verify that the server you are connecting with is the correct one and not a potential online attack. It also ensures data integrity, and that any information that is requested or submitted by either endpoint is actually delivered to the correct location.


SSL is a security measure that online businesses and e-commerce websites cannot afford to ignore. A potential security oversight can end up costing companies dearly, in both lost data and lost consumer trust. SSL’s are a necessary protocol for any modern website looking to become successful.

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