What is Yoast For WordPress?

With such an emphasis on search engine optimisation for websites, it makes sense there are plenty of tools to help web designers and developers to easily optimise their websites. One of these tools is called Yoast, one of the most used WordPress plugins around. But what exactly is Yoast?

Yoast is a plugin developed for WordPress websites to enable users to quickly and easily optimise their websites for on-page SEO. The plugin allows users to edit their meta titles and descriptions, providing a preview snippet. Yoast also provides a traffic-light system for readability and content optimisation for a given keyword. The plugin scans meta tags, alt tags and the content to ensure your on-page SEO is properly optimised for the keyword(s) you want to rank for.

Benefits of using Yoast

There are plenty of benefits to using the Yoast plugin for your on-page SEO. Yoast is completely free, although some advanced features are locked behind a subscription payment. However, for most users, these features won’t be relevant for their needs. The plugin is also very user-friendly and doesn’t take any technical know-how to use. Yoast provides useful and actionable tips on how to improve your on-page SEO with content analysis and readability scores in a traffic-light system. Yoast also automatically creates and updates sitemaps of all your pages and posts to ensure every piece content can be found by search engines crawling your website. These sitemaps can also be customised to automatically include or exclude parts of your website.

Free VS Premium

There are two versions of the Yoast plugin available to users: the free version and the premium version. The free version comes equipped with the basic features needed for on-page SEO such as editing the meta tags and content analysis. However, there are some limitations to the free version. For instance, you can only use one keyword/keyphrase for the content analysis and don’t have access to advanced features such as automatic URL redirects.

The premium version is an annual subscription and unlocks more abilities and features for your on-page SEO. You can use additional keywords and synonyms for your content analysis. Premium Yoast also automatically 301 redirects links for you when you change them, ensuring your internal linking is always working. Plus, the premium plugin suggests pages and posts you can link to when you are writing content. This allows you to easily build a rich internal linking profile to pass link equity around your website.

Should I use Yoast?

I would personally recommend Yoast to any web designer or website owner working in WordPress. Even if you aren’t planning on using any sort of SEO marketing, everything recommended by Yoast is an essential part of web design to make sure search engines can properly crawl, index and rank your website.

How Blue Whale Media can help with SEO

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