Lauren's Apprenticeship at Blue Whale Media

What makes a good e-commerce website

A good e-commerce website should be able to accept orders, take payments, handle shipping and logistics and provide customer service. The design of the website is extremely important and should depend on the industry you work in as well as the products that you are selling. You should make sure that your website looks professional by always using high quality images and making sure that there are no misspelt words.. A professional looking website is extremely important for an e-commerce website as you are asking people to hand over sensitive information such as payment details.


The layout of the website should reflect your brand and visualise your brand message whilst considering your target audience. Branding is important as people will only buy from sites they trust and so it is important that your site looks reputable.

User experience

When you are designing your e-commerce it is important to put yourself into your customers position and consider how they will think and use your site. You need to consider what kind of design would be easiest to navigate for your intended audience. It is important that the user experience is good in order to keep customers browsing through your website. The website should be easy to navigate to ensure that customers keep returning to your website. It is also important to ensure that websites are responsive to different screen sizes as over 50% of the internet searches are done through mobile phones.