What Makes a Good Website?

There are currently over 600 million websites in the world. Making a website has now become manageable and easy with websites like Wix and GoDaddy that allow you to create a simple website, but these websites are not very good for customization as the features are limited which means your creativity is limited. Companies that specialise in web design e.g. Blue Whale Media. These companies can create your website exactly how you want as they have full customization over the website which ensures you receive your dream website which accurately represents your business. If you are finding it difficult to begin. In this blog, we will outline many different basic steps to help make your website more memorable and engaging.

Strong and Clear Message

When you are creating your website, you need to ensure that it makes a lasting impression on them, so they remember your website and use/purchase your services. A website is the best way to create a lasting impression. What is the first thing visitors see when they come to your website? Does it explain to them fully what the purpose of your website is?

In order to have a successful and engaging website. It should have a simple and clear message that all visitors can understand so they can fully understand what your website/business is about which would maximize sales as if they do not understand what your website is about then they are less likely to use/buy your services. The best way to communicate the purpose of your website is through a clear message on the homepage this could be as simple as something small just telling the viewer what your website and company are about. This will also help your website in the long run as this will also help search engines categorize your website for appropriate keywords and phrases which would allow your website to be found easier when people search for certain keywords which link to your website.

Just think clearly about what your website is about and what its purpose is and clearly display that information on the homepage to ensure nobody is confused about what your company is about and ensure they know exactly what they are potentially purchasing. This will also make your website more memorable.

Many websites will fail to clearly tell the customers what they offer on their homepage and this impacts their website and online presence as they will lose valuable leads and sales. Your website is often a potential customer’s first impression of your business and therefore if it is hard to find what your website is about then this will put them off using your services which will cause a loss of profit and sales.

Easy Navigation

Another important feature of a good website is navigation. Many website owners fail to include a well-structured and clear navigation bar/tabs that lead visitors to the relevant sections of the website and this can have a clear impact upon the website and on the online presence of the business as potential customers may be put off your business if it hard to navigate through your websites pages as it gives a sense of unprofessionalism within your business.

Organize the information on your website in a simple and structured way to ensure that people can clearly see all the information in order. The human eye typically reads from the left in a ‘Z’ shape, so it is the best idea to have your most important information at the top. adding sub-pages to the top navigation will be the best option for organizing your information into specific categories.

Your web pages should structure in a logical flow. That way when customers visit your website they will have an easier time navigating to the information on your website that is the most relevant to them this would ensure that customers are more likely to buy your services as they can see your professional with your website layout and will be more likely to take a chance with your company.

Content and More Content

The main function of your website is to convey relevant content to your visitors and help them understand the problems that your products and/or services solve the more you explain then the more likely they are to buy your services. Your content is the single most important element in increasing customers as this is what tells your potential customers what exactly they are buying and more about your company. Make sure that the content you add to your site is displayed in a simple and clear manner as this will make your website and online presence more professional which will draw in more potential customers and sales.

Use clear and error-free language that will encourage your visitors to dig deeper for more information about your business, if your content uses slang words or has grammatic errors as if it has this then it will make your website look unprofessional and cause a lack of sales a and potential customers. You’ll want to include keywords that relevant to your business and industry in your page titles, meta tags, headings and in your website’s content so that your potential customers can find your business online this basically means that when people search certain keywords then they will be greeted by your website if it includes them keywords/tags. This tactic is called search engine optimization (SEO).


Building a community for your business is one of the best investments you can make. It’s crucial to establish an online presence. When you create a community, you start to have a dedicated group of people that will share your services with other people and that will start building your support base up even more. Start with the social media networks you know and are active on – the most common being Facebook and Twitter. Include Facebook “Like” from your business Facebook page or a Twitter follow button will allow visitors to connect with you through other media. This is the easiest way to build your community.

In addition to your social networking profiles, creating and maintaining a blog is one of the most effective ways to build community and a great way to increase content. Blogs are a great way to have a conversation with your visitors and customers on a regular basis and improve the level of trust website visitors and customers have for your business over time. As well as this, blogs can also help the customers learn more about the staff and the company in general which creates a new way to communicate with your community and potential customers.


When creating your website these are the most important and basic steps to ensure you draw viewers in and maximise sales on your website. If you use these basic steps then you already heading in the right direction to having a great and successful website and online presence.

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