What Makes a Good Promotional Video?

To be honest, quality is the most important part of any promotional video. The video has to be good, that is if you want it to generate lots of interactions for the intended business. If this is the intended goal it has to be very good. Its stands to reason that your promotional video will only do well if it looks really good and people enjoy it.

What makes a high-quality video?

A promotional video isn’t just a sales pitch, because let’s be honest, nobody likes a cold call pitching a product, saying that ‘You need this product, or your life will never be complete’ it’s something that people regularly turn their noses at and turn off straight away. It has become impossible to get away from pitches nowadays, they are all over the TV, internet, newspapers and on the radio, because we are so used to seeing/hearing them we have automatically become desensitised to them, therefore any video that is intended to be used in a promotional sense has to stand out from the rest somehow.

What makes a successful video?

A successful video very often deserves its success. If they have reached a high level of reactions, then it was clearly entertaining. As humans, we enjoy being entertained. We like to laugh and if we are laughing then we are in the palm of your hand. Most importantly, the video has to be in control of what you are looking at, it has to be clever, witty and satirical. You have to get things right on a lot of levels for making an engaging, attention-grabbing and retaining promo that will not online hold an audience right to the very end but will actually produce those conversations to boot.

The art of Rhetoric

This centres around the idea of predicting objections to a presented argument. Asking the questions that we would ask and answer them immediately. Because of this, we trust what the video is saying. The lessons learned from this are, be bold. If you really believe in what you’re selling, then express it. The second is to try and predict any objections to your argument and dedicate a section of your script to overcoming them. This allays any fears about your product/service. This is a crucial part of s successful promotional video because it answers all the questions regarding your company and leaves the viewer knowing exactly what they are buying into.

End with a memorable tag line

There is a really good marketing video online by the Dollar Shave Club, their video is perfect for a promotional video and it is extremely entertaining. They end with the tag line ‘Shave Time, Shave Money.’ It is easy to remember, and it is catchy, you should come up with a tag line for your service that indicates what your service will do but also how it will benefit people. It should convey the brand, service and the added value all in one.

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