What Marketers Need to know about Facebook’s WhatsApp Business API

Facebook has launched a new WhatsApp Business API which is designed to help businesses to communicate with consumers through Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging app. According to the web design Liverpool, the WhatsApp Business API will allow businesses to send end-end encrypted messages to people who start a chat with a company via the app and message people who are in need of information.

Through the WhatsApp Business API, businesses will be able to customize notifications. If a business gets a message, they can also use the app to respond to the question or comment for free within 24 hours. But if the business responds after 24 hours, it will be charged for the message.

The following are some of the things that marketers need to know about the WhatsApp Business API

Marketing Opportunity

There are about 1.5 billion people that use WhatsApp every month, and so marketers can cash in on the WhatsApp usage. WhatsApp can offer a great opportunity to marketers. Marketers should know that WhatsApp usage in the U.S is not as high as it in the other countries.

Essentially WhatsApp Business API is all about starting a conversation with customers and prospects on WhatsApp through an advertisement on Facebook. Users can leverage it to send customized notifications which Facebook calls “non-promotional content,” such as shipping confirmations, appointment reminders or event tickets. Facebook will charge companies a fixed rate for confirmed delivery.

According to Web design Liverpool, this move by Facebook might be smart because it’s meeting consumers where they are, i.e., on WhatsApp. But this will only endear consumers to brands if it can improve the customer experience, either through the speed or ease of use. If it has the same delays, then it actually has the potential to harm brands.

Message Forwarding Limits on WhatsApp Matters

Marketers should also take into consideration the recent change to WhatsApp that involves forwarding messages. WhatsApp wants to prevent people from spreading false information and spam. It’s essential for marketers to be aware of this change in message forwarding. The restriction on forwarding should help shape the experience that’s created in content on WhatsApp to be focused on the individual customers and not on virality. These changes are all positive for brands like web design Liverpool that are looking to reach consumers where and how it is most convenient and desirable for them.

Know Your Prospects Well

According to web design Liverpool, it is advisable that before marketers dive into WhatsApp, they should first determine whether their customers prefer WhatsApp as a messaging platform. It’s necessary to know if and how they’ll react to WhatsApp window popping up out of nowhere or the ads. As a marketer, you should create a poll on your social media or email newsletter specifically for this purpose. This way, you’ll notice your audience beforehand

Social Media Getting ‘Convenient and Personal’

What this WhatsApp Business API means for marketers is that social media is getting more convenient and personal. And so, this means that marketers should up their game when it comes to their strategies and content; they should be personal and appealing. With the new tools and features being developed, marketers and web designers such as web design Liverpool should create an engaging and interactive approach.

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