Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Motion Graphics (2.1)

Let’s start with the big one and most applicable one, for obvious reasons. I have a degree in Motion Graphics from the Edge Hill University. I studied for 3 years to achieve this and is my highest level of qualification. It is obviously the most applicable qualification I could have with being a Motion Graphic Designer, I believe it sets me above the normal standard of designer as I have been trained to a higher level than some designers as well as having a personal interest. I passed this course in June 2018 after blood, sweat and tears were poured into everything I made.

A-Level in Psychology (Grade B)

An odd thing to associate with design, however psychology plays a key element in the marketing and aesthetics of design. Knowing what appeals to the human mind is key in creating a successful graphic. This can be anything from the colours in the video to the way things move. Psychology helps in detecting what methods of design to used based on the genre of video you are editing.

A-Level in Mathematics (Grade C)

Another odd thing to regard as necessary for a design related role, however, as I have stated in a blog prior to this, After Effects is a programme that uses a number-based system to produce what you want it to make. It uses, graphs, degrees and relative physics to create any piece.

A-Level in Photography (Grade B)

This is more relatable to my role as a motion graphics designer, as this developed my eye for aesthetics. I had a brilliant tutor in college who taught me photography, he also allowed me to use my interest in video related design and incorporate it into my photography work, etc working with smoke footage. It has also helped me in the new service we are offering, drone footage. This is because it helped me with the colour grading and natural look of real-life footage as opposed to the footage I normally have to create.

½ A-Level in Physical Education (Grade C)

How on earth does P.E help with being a designer? In short, it doesn’t. However, it does offer benefits of learning how the body works, and if for example a client from a gym asks for a piece, it could benefit from knowing how parts of the body work properly without having to research it beforehand.

Level 3 IT Framework (studying)

This helps me more with the general tasks of my job role and gives me the ability to learn how to fix things should they go wrong. It also gives me an in depth knowledge of storage systems and this becomes really helpful as we work with massive amounts of footage at once with the drone footage and to be able to partition a drive to back up the footage will help in the case of a loss of data.

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