What To Avoid With Keyword Research

When thinking of SEO for your company, the first thing you think about is what keywords/phrases you want to be found for. Keywords are the basis of SEO Warrington marketing and there is a lot of thought and process that goes into deciding the best ones for your particular services. They can help you rank higher in the search engines and also help you be discovered by your target audience. Keyword research sounds great, but you have to be careful as incorrect keywords can affect your whole SEO strategy. To find out what mistakes can occur, carry on reading this article.

Irrelevant Keywords

The biggest fear when creating your SEO Warrington strategy is picking keywords that won’t match your company or services you offer. An irrelevant keyword can cause problems as your website will start appearing to an audience that doesn’t need your services, therefore, you will appear completely irrelevant to them. To make sure you are picking the right keywords for your purposes, you need to have goals set in mind. What do you want to get out of your strategy and who do you want visiting your website?

Keyword Stuffing

When you have picked your keywords, you do want to include them in your content as best as you can, but you can’t overuse them as this is when issues occur. The wrong perception is that the more times you use the keywords, the higher your website will be ranked. However, this is known as keyword stuffing and can turn your content from good to bad. It can also have a big effect on how the search engines view your website as it can be seen as cheating with SEO and you can be penalised for it. A good tip to take into account is to not create your content for your keywords but add the keywords in a piece of well-written content that is relevant.

Ignoring Keyword Trends

Trends happen in every aspect of marketing including SEO. When it comes to your services/products, some might be more popular than others at specific times of the year. If your audience isn’t looking for a service or don’t need it then you might be wasting your time. Trends can depend on a variety of things, whether it be geographical, demographical or even depending on the time of year. To look into keyword trends, you can use Google Trends to research.

Going Too Big For Keywords

Finding keywords is only half the journey. You need to take into account how difficult the keywords are that you want to be ranked for. If you have a business that is a popular market with a lot of other business involved, big brands will have already dominated the first page in the search engine results. A good piece of advice is to look into the keywords with less competition and are not higher than 50. Start small then work your way up or use more specific keywords that might narrow down the competitors.

Blue Whale Media Can Help With Your SEO

With search engines changing all the time, SEO can become more complicated. To stand up against your competitors, you need to make sure you research your keywords and follow the tips within this article. If you want to boost your online presence with a well-structured SEO Warrington strategy, head over to our website or call 01925 552050 to speak to our expert team.

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