What to Do If Your Page is Ranking on the Wrong Keyword

One of the most common problems encountered when dealing with a website’s SEO is when Google ranks your page for the wrong keyword. It could turn out to be frustrating because what good is a high ranking on the search engine if the targeted keyword is incorrect? It actually could do more harm than good to your online marketing strategy. Always remember that well-targeted traffic equates to an effective online marketing strategy. However, SEO isn’t always perfect and Google does whatever it wants even if you do everything right. After all, everybody is just ranking in Google. Just focus on what you can control like the content quality. Looking for a good web design company in Manchester can help you with matters like this.

But what could actually be the reason why you are ranking for the wrong keywords? It is because even if you put ideal keywords into your content, every phrase that you include is also indexed with the search terms you want. Plus, you compete with billions of other sites across the internet and Google will try to determine with the searcher wants to see.

One of the tricks that can be done to address this issue is to occasionally rank for strange keywords instead of those common ones where you fight against the volume of common keywords on the Internet. Shoot for those almost related keywords. The only chance you can get high rankings with common keywords is that if the content out there for it is not so good. If you find yourself struggling with keywords, looking for an expert web design company in Manchester would also help.

However, if you start to realize that you are ranking for the number of irrelevant keywords, it may be high time to look at your content. There is a big chance that you are unfocused on your topic. A web design company in Manchester may have available writers to give you a hand on this. Topic drift happens even to the best of writers because focusing on the same topic as you write can get difficult and boring. What you can do is to check your content and look for a trend in the keywords you don’t want to rank for. Examine if they are all over the place and centered around the same topic. You could’ve created a secondary topic that is not much relevant to your central topic. It could also be that your focus has been too broad, diffused, or could even contain too much fluff.

If truth be told, ranking for the wrong keywords is a very petty issue and, more often than not, it may not even be a problem at all. It could just be an issue in marketing or lack of content focus. Instead of focusing on your rankings, spend time optimizing the right keywords. Bear in mind that a healthy marketing strategy may draw traffic from a lot more sources instead of just Google. Ask assistance from a web design company in Manchester today.

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